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About Us

Austin Alliance Group
Authorized PXT Select Partner

At the Austin Alliance Group, we share a common vision with our clients, working to create a highly productive work environment in which employees feel engaged and empowered. We provide you with the most innovative, most validated, and most up-to-date products on the market. Our PXT Select products give your team the tools needed to ensure your organization has the best people in the correct roles, improving the employee on-boarding process and employee retention.

We work with you to create an action plan customized to your specific circumstances and business requirements using proven techniques. Through dialogue, innovation, and facilitation, we co-create the right approach to help your organization reach its unique human resource and business goals.

Testimonials For Austin Alliance Group, Inc.

  • Fabulous as always. This session was hugely informative. I took away tangible tools and actions to use in my organizations.

    HR Southwest Conference Attendee
  • Highly interactive session. Come away with great ideas I’d like to implement.

    HR Southwest Conference Attendee
  • I have attended prior presentations by AAG. They always exceed my expectations and give top-notch presentations.

    HR Southwest Conference Attendee
  • I think I speak for all the participants when I say thank you to you and your team for facilitating our session. It was exactly what we needed, even if it did mean a lot of action items came out of it for me.

    Satisfied Client
  • Wonderful information that is relevant to my professional growth in leading our organization in a time of tremendous change.

    Satisfied Client


  • PXT Select Assessments & Tools

    Take the guess work out of hiring by following the PXT Select hiring process. PXT Select makes hiring simple and easy. With profiles that give you personalized reports for each candidate, PXT Select was designed to be simple so that any manager, HR professional, owner, or CEO could use it.

  • PXT Select Implementation & Training

    Let the Austin Alliance Group guide your organization through the implementation of a PXT Select program.

  • PXT Select VAC Account

    Make the most out of PXT Select with an in-house PXT Select VAC administrator. Let AAG help get you started using PXT Select for your organization today.