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PXT Select™ currently has a network of 500+ Partners in the US and Canada and over 60 international Partners in more than 120 countries. They help organizations select and engage the best talent—so your organization and people thrive.

Who Can Be a Partner? 

who can be a partner?

Partnership can be accessed by an established company or an individual consultant committed to helping clients maximize their performance by connecting business strategy to people strategy.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please connect with our team of experts by filling out this form.

What Is the PXT Select™ Partnership? 

The PXT Select™ Partnership gives you access to our suite of assessments. You'll also gain access to both our training and marketing materials and our expert Partner Success and Client Services teams, so you can confidently build and/or expand your business using our assessments.

With our ongoing education and business development support, you’ll become a product expert so you can share our proven solutions with your clients.

what is the PXT Select™ partnership?

Why Become a PXT Select Partner? 

why become a PXT Select partner?

Through our Partnership, you can build your own brand, capitalize on our decades of research experience, and utilize our scientifically proven assessments.

When you become a Partner, you get our products through a wholesale pricing model. We train you to become a product expert in our industry-leading tools—ultimately empowering you to enhance your offering and build your consulting services.

We provide education and support to ensure you are successful from the start. Our Partner Success team follows a detailed onboarding process. From product training and platform support to understanding your business and crafting a strategy so you can effectively use and promote our assessments, we've got you covered.

How Can You Become a Partner?

Easy. Tell us a little about yourself in the form below, and our Partner Development Team will contact you within two business days of your submission.

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Learn more about the PXT Select Authorized Partner qualifications, benefits, and pricing by submitting the form below. Someone from our Partner Development Team will contact you within two business days.

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