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About Us

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People make businesses successful. Having the right systems and tools in place to obtain and manage the best people can be imperative to your success. Doing so requires a broad range of expertise and resources, coupled with a strategic approach.

MCM’s specialized HR Consultants can help your organization succeed by providing the expertise to help manage these challenges – offering forward-thinking strategies and tailored consulting services to meet your HR needs.

Learning more about your entity and its challenges allows our professional staff to provide expert advice, systems, information and training in a wide range of human resource and business administration areas in the ever-evolving HR environment. We believe in being a partner with your organization, with the goal of optimizing your success.


  • Hiring Assistance

    Provide outsourced hiring activities, utilizing skilled HR professionals to search for successful job candidates on the Company’s behalf including:

    • Capturing job duties & organizational fit
    • Ensuring job descriptions are current and reflect the responsibilities of the open position
    • Conducting a market compensation review and providing recommendations
    • Advertising & marketing to the appropriate audience
    • Searching for candidates & conducting initial screenings, including phone and face-to-face interviews
    • Administering candidate assessments and coordinating interviews
    • Conducting Reference & background checks on top candidates
    • Recommending top candidate(s) for consideration

  • Employee Assessments

    MCM offers a comprehensive suite of employment assessments as we firmly believe the right assessment tools help fill in the gap between the applicant’s resume and the interview. The tools help gather actionable data about a candidate in a simple to understand format that can help interview better and hire smarter. MCM will evaluate which of the selection tools would be beneficial for The Company, create assessment packages for different positions and provide samples of each of the assessments. Some examples of our most used assessment tools are listed below.

    • XTSelect® - Measures how an individual fits in your organization
    • Step One Survey II® - Measures an individual’s basic work related values
    • Profiles Sales Assessment™ - Measures how well a person fits a sales job
    • Everything DiSC™ - Measures motivational intensity and behaviors
    • Customer Service Profile™ - Measures how a person fits customer service j

  • Employee Onboarding

    MCM offers an affordable onboarding program that focuses on new employees successfully integrating into the role, team and organization. We train and coach to create team involvement, consistent onboarding structure, prepared space and tools, clear communication and wellness check-ups. We work with entry-level to executive leadership and with all types of industries. We can also conduct a Manager’s Assimilation process to assist new supervisors with building relationships with their direct reports and their team.

  • Training & Development Programs

    Continuing education is an important benefit for employees. MCM can conduct training sessions on a variety of topics including Respectful Workplace, The Art of Interviewing, Supporting Change and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

  • Outplacement Counseling

    Outplacement counseling supports individuals who are exiting the business. Providing outplacement counseling helps transitioning employees understand that career changes do not have to be career-ending. Our outplacement services provide transition participants with a type of support that helps them gain a better foothold on their next role or career path. Typical outplacement counseling includes four (4) - one (1) hour meetings with participants, including the administration of the XTSelect assessment and discussion of those results.