Empower your organization to hire smarter with PXT Select™.

About Us

Dr. Shayne Tracy
Effective hiring practice is a very high value multiplier for organizations

We are in the business of adding value to individuals and organizations. Having the right people in the right positions fosters a culture of happier, engaged, and more productive and high performing employees.
We provide the tools to make screening and selecting the right candidate for the right position more accurate, simpler and smarter.
Our PXT Select™ solutions:
Fill in the gaps between a resume and interview with actionable objective data
Identify the most suitable candidates to streamline hiring decisions
Match candidates with positions that fit their inherent behavioral traits, thinking style and interests
Identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize an individual’s contribution to the organization
Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement
Provide data and added insight for making succession decisions
Powered by the latest in assessment technology, the system delivers a variety of reports to screen, select, on-board, coach, and develop employee capability



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