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About Us

Roger Hokanson
Roger Hokanson President & Assessment Guru

For over 25 years, Predictable Performance Systems has helped ensure that the right people are hired or promoted into the right jobs, every time. In partnership with Profiles International and ApplicantPRO, we provide robust tools that create better employment decisions, stronger employee performance, and longer employee retention.

We ensure that our clients recruit, screen, and select the best candidates for the job. The platforms we work with provide for an organized and intentional recruitment process, from easily advertising your position across the web to pre-employment skills assessments to simplified onboarding processes.

Once a search is organized, we help our clients manage their talent with a suite of employee assessments. These range from prehire and skills assessments to performance assessments that analyze an individual’s or a team’s potential. By making decisions with greater insights, our clients increase overall workforce capability, productivity, and agility.

Testimonials For Predictable Performance Systems

  • I strongly recommend a structured selection process guided by someone with experience in Profiling. Roger, thank you for the excellent job you’ve done in guiding us through this process. I look forward to utilizing the ProfileXT®; Coaching Report you recently presented to the committee in helping us with our ongoing relationships.

    Janice Feinberg SME Minneapolis/Saint Paul, President
  • Regarding the Step One Survey II® — Lake Area Bank has used this survey for 2 years. And in that 2 year period we have reduced turnover, especially within the teller positions, Reduced the time in the screening process by 45%, and has also reduced the time to hire by 30%

    Deborah Shearen Human Resources Director