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I highlight the people in your business who are living off your hard work .

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Carol Vincie has both corporate and entrepreneurial experience and works with start-ups to 100 staff
Carol Vincie has both corporate, venture capital, and entrepreneurial experience - from 1-100 people

Carol is know for her unique solutions to her clients' challenges. This skill has been demonstrated throughout her corporate career and during her work with start-ups seeking outside investments. She uses her listening skills to guide strategy or uncover the underlying reasons for high staff turnover. Her experience with the suite of assessment tools ranges from hiring the first employee for a franchise operation or reviewing candidates for a CFO position at a NASDAQ listed organization.
Here is some feedback from some clients:
The Team Analysis crystallized the issues and clearly identified the specific strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Since we had little experience with most of the candidates, the assessments augmented the interview process and provided additional information to use in our hiring decisions.
The selection and performance tools which you use are outstanding and have been invaluable to me as I build a great marketing team.
The report for the CFO candidate we selected was not strong. We chose to ignore that information. After 90 days this individual demonstrated all of the weaknesses you identified and was terminated. Please contact my staff to work with us as we begin our new search.

Testimonials For Productivity Tools & Insights, LLC

  • The selection and performance tools you use are outstanding and have been invaluable to me as I build a great marketing team. I am so pleased to have evaluation tools to take the guess work out of hiring

    Susan Schneider Vice President of Marketing
  • The Team Analysis crystallized the specific strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Since we had little experience with most candidates, the assessment tools augmented the interview process and provided additional information in the hiring process. We believe the the analysis has increased the rate of successful hires.

    Seamus Carroll Principal
  • Your assessment tool allowed me to confirm my gut feeling my current assistant was not a good fit as I expanded my legal practice. The new candidate had the skills to compliment my strengths. You pointed out a warning that he was easily bored. I re-read your report and am reminded of that trait. A new project is the immediate solution.

    Jen Brown Attorney


  • Skill Definitions To Reduce High Turnover

    I begin working with each client to get a clear definition of the skills needed for each position . This information is then compared to the the skills of the people performing in each position at a high level.
    Often there are differences to discuss and resolve. With a clearer understanding of what is working in your organization, with your clients, and in your geography; a more effective hiring strategy can be developed. This technique was very success when I was working with a team of young entrepreneurs who had little interviewing experience.

  • Succession Planning

    The best way to keep key employees in an organization is to demonstrate on a consistent belief there is opportunity for growth within your organization.
    Once the assessment is completed, each individual can be compared against each position in the organization. This allows management to know who would be able to be promoted into a new position with the best chance of their success. This technique prevents super stars from being blocked by a manager who wants to keep their skills hidden for personal reasons. This technique also eliminates hidden biases from being part of the decision making process.

  • Effective Team Building

    Jim Collins in his book Good To Great makes this recommendation - Get the Right People on the Bus and Put Them in the Right Seats. This skill is critical whether you are a start-up, a rapidly growing company, or a mature organization. Even if you are not hiring, knowing the skills of your existing staff will allow a more effective replacement process if an injury, illness, or surprise transfer robs you of a top performer. The question of quickly offering a new position to an existing employee or launching a search to fill the position can be executed on a dime.

  • Coaching for Goal Setting and Growth Strategies

    The question of working in or on the business is a typical challenge for most business owners. How do you set time aside out a schedule that is bursting at the seems for what seems like a luxury? Being held accountable by someone outside of you organization is often the key. This gives the business owner the accountability buddy to hold you accountable for the steps critical to the long term growth and success of your business. In my book Goals Are Critical - For Recognition, For Impact, For Profit, I lay out the specific steps needed to plan your goals. Doing this on you own becomes a challenge most business owners do not undertake. I provide the clarity, tools, and motivation to incorporate goal setting into your daily routine.