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Smart organizations succeed when they realize that strong performance and results come from their people. When employees are placed in jobs where their talents, abilities, and interests are maximized their performance soars. Studies show that proper job fit improves engagement and job satisfaction, resulting in increased productivity. Only a portion of a person’s background and training can be observed on their résumé, through references, or in an interview. The rest, like thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests—those will take some digging. Our new eBook helps show you how to do the digging necessary to match talent with opportunity and leverage data to predict future job performance.

The Invisible Drain on Your Company’s Culture

Creating a Scalable Plan for

Talent Selection and Development

In the early 2010s, A+ Federal Credit Union started to experience rapid growth and faced new challenges with their expansion, such as high turnover and inconsistency with the quality of candidates. They struggled to find the right people and needed a solution that would scale across their multiple locations. Leaders benchmarked key attributes in roles utilizing PXT Select™ and worked with their recruiting team to ensure that both incumbents and external candidates had the soft skills needed to succeed at this organization.

The Invisible Drain on Your Company’s Culture

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