We Help You Retain the Talent in Your Organization

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  • 1
    Know the job
  • 2
    Know the candidate
  • 3
    Know the fit
  • 4
    Know your people

Step 4: ENGAGE  | Know Your People

It takes effort to hire the right people. Keeping top talent requires even more. Our full suite of reports helps managers support new employees to ramp up quickly and effectively. Develop bench strength by getting a full picture of how employees might fit future job assignments or opportunities.

Our suite of reports helps organizations like yours optimize their talent strategy. Used beyond hiring and selection, PXT Select™ can help managers onboard, coach, and develop new hires, or develop existing talent in the organization.

Personalized Tools for Your Talent Management Needs

Recommended Tools for This Step in the Process

Coaching Report

This report contains an individual’s assessment results as well as coaching tips about how they may approach different aspects of their role.

Download A Sample Report

See the full suite of reports on the Resources page.

How We Can Help You

  • Build Bench Strength

    Identify employees with high potential and actively plan their careers and development.

  • Reduce Turnover

    Now that you hired the right people, properly onboard them and help them fit the culture of the team and the organization.

  • Engage Your Workforce

    Accountable employees feel more connected to their employer, and are motivated to contribute above and beyond.