Your most expensive asset (people) should be your most valuable. Is it?

About Us

Richard Morin
Winning teams can be built, based on who is on the team. The PXTS helps you do that.

We are focused on helping you succeed in part based on your selection, interview, hiring and coaching methods. We are good at what we do and you can benefit from using our experience and abilities. Once hired, we can help you create a culture of winning that becomes a true win / win between you and the members of your team.


  • Maximizing on human capital

    Most people want to win and be on a winning team. The challenge is always to create and populate your team with winners or those who show promise. Post hire is a crucial time as in those early days the new employee will find ways to fit into the existing culture, or if he buys into what you have said, help you build a new or better culture. We can help you with that.

Featured Skills

  • Training in presentation skills, selling skills and the confidence to do both.