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Client Services Support

We want Partners to focus on gaining new business, while we focus on growing yours. Earn a generous commission on all business transacted with Client Services, on clients large or small.

Our dedicated team of account strategists can provide you with back office support including sales assistance to win more business, efficient administrative support, and dedicated customer service for your clients including successful implementation of PXT Select. Our Enterprise Solution focuses on helping you with large scale opportunities, and implementation of PXT Select across the entire organization.

PXT Select Plan

Why Partnering With us Makes Sense

Benefits for You

  • Win more business – we provide expert sales assistance
  • Earn a generous commission on all business transacted
  • Complete back office support – We handle all the accounting, payment and inventory/assessment management
  • Grow your business – Our account strategists look for opportunities to expand usage throughout the client organization.

Benefits for Your Client

  • Your client has direct access to our team of selection experts and a dedicated account manager
  • Expert Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) support (set-up, training and performance model selection)
  • One free registration to PXT Select Expert Practitioner Certification – a $1,995 value
  • Ongoing coaching and strategic implementation to support alignment with the client’s goals.

What Our Partners Are Saying

  • Having the Wiley team help support my client services needs has been a dream come true. Denise Cadell has been extremely responsive, proactive, and capable in every interaction. She shares a strong commitment to ensuring our clients' needs are always top priority. I am able to extend my reach because of this partnership with Wiley Client Services.

    Robin Eichert PeopleSense Consulting LLC

  • Like many Partners, I believe that I can take care of the needs of ANY prospect, The reality is different. Using Wiley Client Services, I have not been disappointed. This team has strengths and resources in areas that I do not. They have the time to train and support the HR generalists — who seem to be always changing, on the platform and assessment reporting. Currently, 15% of my revenue comes from commissions, by Wiley Client Services. This business model creates a nice balance for my book of business. I can count on this team to manage the larger, more demanding clients, where my expertise is lacking.

    John Caspole Assessment Specialists, Inc.

  • I have utilized Wiley Client Services since day one, and have found a rhythm of success in our partnership. The Wiley team is always willing to hear and solicit my feedback related to my perspective on service standards and my expectations as a Partner. If you want to take your business to a higher level, I strongly recommend exploring a winning partnership with the Wiley Services Team.

    John Beck, Jr. The Assessment Company

Partner With Us to Grow Your Business

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