Wiley Client Services

Exclusively Available to PXT Select™ A​uthorized Partners

Wiley Client Services provides PXT Select Authorized Partners expert assistance in developing and growing their businesses. Our team of product and selection experts will work closely with our Partners and their clients to successfully implement PXT Select in the client-organization. Wiley Client Services is a scalable business solution providing premier day-to-day account management and client facing services. Whether you’re looking to develop new business opportunities or spend more time with the family, we’re here to fully service your PXT Select clients and create the flexibility you desire. This allows you, our Partners, to invest your time the way you see fit.

You can be confident that our experienced team of selection experts will take care of your clients. You remain the trusted advisor to your clients and can work as closely as you like with the account manager to nurture and grow the relationship all while receiving ongoing residual income.  We look forward to partnering with you to implement PXT Select in your client-organizations, securing new business, and building stronger relationships with your clients. 

Benefits of Partnering With Us


  • Close more opportunities – expert sales cycle assistance
  • Earn a generous commission on the entire assessment program and premium supporting for your clients
  • Full service business support – We handle all the accounting, payment and inventory/assessment management
  • Direct access to a team of dedicated selection experts ready to support your client on your behalf
  • Grow your business – Our account strategists look for opportunities to expand usage of our solutions within your accounts


  • Access to a dedicated selection expert to ensure PXT Select is implemented successfully
  • Expert Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) platform support and assistance (set-up, training and performance model selection)
  • A complimentary registration for the comprehensive PXT Select Certification online course – a $1,995 value*
  • Ongoing coaching and strategic implementation support to ensure use of the PXT Select meets the client’s needs

* PXT Select Certification online course is in development with an expected release date in late 2017 or early 2018. The release date and the MSRP ($1,995) is subject to change

What Our Partners Are Saying

"Having the Wiley team help support my client services needs has been a dream come true. Denise Cadell has been extremely responsive, proactive, and capable in every interaction. She shares a strong commitment to ensuring our clients' needs are always top priority. I am able to extend my reach because of this partnership with Wiley Client Services." - Robin Eichert, PeopleSense Consulting LLC


"While I, like many Partners, believe that I can take care of the needs of ANY prospect, the reality is different. Using Wiley Client Services, I have not been disappointed. This team has strengths and resources in areas that I do not. They know the Profiles Assessment Center better than I do and have time to train and support the HR generalists, which seem to be always changing, on the platform and assessment reporting. While we appreciate what HR does, I have limited time and interest in those areas and prefer to focus on strategic sales. I currently have 15% of my revenue generated from commissions, by Wiley Client Services. This business model creates a nice balance for my book of business. I have found that there is a place for Wiley Client Services. I can count on this team to manage the larger, more demanding clients, where my expertise is lacking." – John Caspole, Assessment Specialists, Inc.


"I have utilized Wiley Client Services since day one, and have found a rhythm of success in our partnership. The Wiley team is always willing to hear and solicit my feedback in relation to my perspective on service standards and my expectations as a Partner. If you want to take your business to a higher level, I strongly recommend exploring a winning partnership with the Wiley Services Team." – John Beck, Jr., The Assessment Company

Learn more about how we can partner to grow your business now by calling 866-776-5405 or schedule a more convenient time to talk here: