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Improving your people decisions.

About Us

Tom Johnson - Owner, A.O. Consultants
Tom Johnson, SPHR, MHR, Owner - A.O. Consultants, LLC

A.O. Consultants is recognized for providing actionable insights that improve your people decisions.

Whether it’s pre-employment testing, DiSC assessments or hiring tests, armed with these insights, our clients build high-performing workforces matched to the task at hand. We help our clients build confidence in their people decisions based on insights they get through our performance tools.

We work with you to address your most pressing concerns:

New Hire Assessment: Employment assessment and job fit assessment
Skill Testing: Aptitude testing, background screening, and competency testing
Leadership Development: Succession planning
360 assessments: Exit surveys and engagement surveys

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Therefore, you want valuable insights about a candidate before you hire them, so you can place them in the right jobs and develop them to their full potential.

Right people, right seat, right bus.

Testimonials For A.O. Consultants, LLC

  • I had the pleasure of working with Thomas and most recently having his company present to a professional organization. Thomas excels at being able to ask detailed questions in order to ascertain the true opportunities which he then can start addressing. His experience in providing the correct assessments helps companies to operate more efficiently

    Randy N. Cincinnati, OH


  • Selection and hiring science

    If you've ever said "...had I only known" after the hiring process, you know there has to be a better way. Our science based solutions allow to surface the hidden issues that are often missed during the selection process.

  • Succession Planning

    Create a science based and legally defensible process for identifying and promoting talent.

  • Performance Management

    Stop relying on unpopular and unproven processes for improving performance. Talk in terms of objective and actionable approaches to improving performance.

  • Professional Sales Assessment

    Identify candidates that will move your sales process forward but in support of the organization, not in spite of it. Our process not only determines organizational fit, but also provides insights on key sales behaviors that ensure success.

  • Leadership Development

    If your leaders are the reason your retention is lacking, we'll work with you to identify issues in the workplace and find effective ways to build skills, redeploy or outplace ineffective leaders.