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Sound decisions require insight and intelligence. Assessment Leaders provides the products and services you need to hire, retain, and advance top talent. Through a wide range of best-in-class and custom assessment and survey solutions, we help you make data-informed decisions that build your talent pipeline and improve your workplaces.

Testimonials For Assessment Leaders

  • I have used Assessment Leaders for the past several years in support of my hiring decisions. I appreciate that I have tangible evidence of job fit before making an offer. The tools offered by Assessment Leaders allow me to better and clearly assess these traits. They take so much of the guess work out of hiring.

    Katherine Filice Executive Creative Director, CEO, Articulate Solutions, Inc.
  • Assessment Leaders' hiring tools help us to identify motivated salespeople who can actually sell and are also a positive fit to our culture. As a result, our turnover has completely diminished, and our sales productivity has significantly improved.

    Doug Thurston VP of Sales, PakSense, Inc.
  • Our rapid growth outstripped our in-house talent acquisition and management capabilities. The AL team did a fantastic job helping BigFix scale our HR functions.

    Dave Robins Former CEO, BigFix (now an IBM company)


  • Pre-Employment Assessments

    Hire based on science, not gut. Experts estimate that the cost of a bad hiring decision— measured in high turnover, lost opportunity, damaged reputation, and more—can range from 20 to 200 percent
 of a year’s salary. Use Assessment Leaders’ scientifically developed and validated assessments to make sound hiring decisions, reduce turnover, achieve higher productivity, and improve teamwork.

  • Leadership Development

    Identify and advance the next generation of creative leaders using AL’s leadership development tools. Successful leaders bring out the best in their employees and inspire them to maximum productivity, performance, and engagement. Without visionary leaders, your company stops innovating and risks losing customers – and top performers – to the competition. That’s why AL offers a variety of solutions that help your organization develop capable, resourceful leaders that value performance far more than office politics. Our assessments also enable you to identify and and prepare employees who have the skills, aptitude, and interest to step into future leadership roles at your company.

  • Team Building

    Forge strong teams with assessments and corporate team building experts. We have assembled a series of user-friendly, cost effective assessment solutions to help you develop a group of smart people into a team that achieves big results.

    Using team building assessment solutions from AL you can increase team focus on high-value activities, reduce friction among team members, enhance employee engagement, improve productivity, and drive performance.

  • Training and Development

    In today’s organizations, employees are always juggling competing demands on their time. Companies struggling with cost constraints must consider direct and indirect training costs—downtime of employees leaving their workspace to take training on fixed schedules, travel expenses, trainer time and printed materials, and potential lost opportunity costs—all with few guarantees that the employee even understood the training and would be able to use it effectively.

    Utilize Assessment Leaders' eLearning and blended learning solutions to maximize training and development.

  • Wellness

    Providing wellness education to employees on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and enhance healthy lifestyle activities, your organization can experience decreased healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and improved retention of high achieving employees.

    AL’s division, Be Well Perform Well (BWPW), offers health risk assessments, fully customized wellness programs and a la carte services to keep employees engaged and motivated.

    BWPW’s certified health coaches have extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, fitness, and preventive health, and they are passionate about living a life of balance and wellness. They will work closely and in person with you to develop a customized wellness program that successfully incorporates your long-term goals while keeping employees motivated.

  • Succession Planning

    A sound succession plan today spells success for tomorrow. Remain in control when critical headcount is in flux by preparing and maintaining a comprehensive succession plan before it’s time to fill the next key position.

    Our succession planning services will help your organization articulate the most important success factors for a position, identify candidates who are on that trajectory, and evaluate their readiness to accept the next challenge in their career. AL assessments provide crucial information that help identify and develop top talent so that you can craft a solid succession planning program.

  • Managing and Coaching

    Lead instead of merely managing. All employees—from entry-level hires to experienced C-level executives—thrive in a business environment that plays 
to their unique strengths, motivations, personality traits, attitudes, and abilities. Using assessments and learning solutions from AL, you can leverage these untapped qualities in your employees and bring out the best in everyone.

  • Sales Optimization

    Let AL help you improve sales performance and increase revenue. We can help you maximize sales in two ways:
    1. With quick, easy to use tools to match the right people to the right sales positions.
    2. Through our exclusive partnership with The Sales Conservatory, we offer full-service sales enablement consulting.

  • Surveys and Audits

    Do you have the information you need about all aspects of your organization’s culture to ensure success? The face of the workplace is changing rapidly. How will you ensure your leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities are ready for the emerging workforce? How will you measure and track your employee culture and sentiment? AL offers a series of assessments from its sister company, Leadership Balance, that provide actionable insight that you can use to create a roadmap to navigate the changing realities of the workplace to optimize organizational performance.