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Jennifer Leake CMC®

Your business profits are directly tied to the performance of your people. I created The Get Engaged People System™ to help you with a blueprint to help who and how you hire - and to build and retain employees who contribute to your business growth and profitability.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve researched, learned and worked with companies throughout the U.S. to understand what makes a strong and successful “people” system. When hiring, important qualities may not show on the surface. Great interviewees don’t always translate into great performers. Assessments are valuable so people love what they do, enjoy who they work with, and respect who they work for.

Together let’s build your “People System” so your employees refer to you as their best job ever, rather than their worst nightmare. Learn more about The Get Engaged People System™ for performance and profits.

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  • The Get Engaged People System™ - Hire. Engage. Lead.

    You need 3 key pieces to get your people engaged and involved in their jobs and your company. I will help you create and implement a proven people system to reduce workplace drama because your employees love what they do, enjoy who they work with, and respect who they work for. The GET ENGAGED People System™ means better performance and more profits with these 3 systems:

    ► HIRE: A system to hire the right people in the right job with the right boss.
    ► ENGAGE: A system for ongoing, personal feedback to employees. Engaged employees perform better, key quality metrics improve and company profits increase.
    ► LEAD: A system for SMART Leaders™ who better lead and motivate employees. People join a company - and quit a boss.

  • Hiring the Right People - Benchmark. Interview. On-Board.

    A system to:
    ► BENCHMARK to know what the best looks like for your job, your company and you.
    ► INTERVIEW deeper to better insure the candidate you met is the employee you hire.
    ► ONBOARD better to shorten the time from new employee to productive contributor.

  • Employee Engagement - Engaged and Motivated to Do the Best Job Possible

    A system to:
    ► KNOW employees and what makes them tick.
    ► DEVELOP individuals and teams for better performance and best ROI of training dollars.
    ► COACH to address performance problems early as well as provide employee recognition and direction for employee engagement.

  • SMART Leaders™ - Connected. Respected. Productive.

    A system to develop leaders and supervisors who others want to work for and with because they are:
    ► CONNECTED - Able to build strong working relationships with peers and those who work for them.
    ► RESPECTED - People join a company ... and quit a boss.
    ► PRODUCTIVE - Leaders who develop from title only to an ability to get the most out of others.

  • Team Building - Relate. Communicate. Participate.

    A system to build strong teams and reduce workplace drama because the team can:
    ► RELATE to each other because they understand themselves and each other better.
    ► COMMUNICATE more effectively because you interact the way others want instead of only the way you are.
    ► PARTICIPATE and create rather than workplace drama and frustration.