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Cary Gray Assessments USA & Canada, Inc
Cary Gray, President & CEO

Since 1997, we have partnered with companies and organizations in North America to help them screen, select, hire, evaluate and promote top performers - helping create high performance teams.

Our scientifically-validated assessments meet all Department of Labor criteria for proper assessment use and can be used for checking business attitudes, and confirming job fit for sales, customer service, technician, and managerial positions.

We bring over 20 years of experience and service to hundreds of partners and clients who have used our tools to hire the right person the first time, thus reducing turnover and increasing the bottom line.


  • We collaborate with you to find the Best Solutions to meet your requirements and satisfy your needs.

    Step One Survey confirms 4 Business Attitudes: Integrity, Work Ethics, Reliability & Substance Abuse
    Our Profile XT measures 5 Thinking Styles, 9 Personality Traits, and 6 Occupational Interests. PXT Select measures Job Fit against 1,000 Department of Labor job success patterns.
    We can check for Sales Pro and Customer Service Expert strengths and abilities. Our Performance Indicator is a powerful mentoring tool that reveals 9 individual and 12 team traits.
    Our 360 Degree Checkpoint is a powerful annual evaluation and individual development tool.
    The PXT Select and Performance Indicator can create powerful team reports.
    The 360 Checkpoint can summarize a whole team's leadership skills, their strengths and needs.


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Featured Skills

  • Team Building
  • Succession Planning
  • Hiring the Right Person
  • Organizational Retreats
  • Conducting Annual Managerial Review