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Michael Neuendorff, Executive Coach & Trainer

Bay Area Executive Coach is run by Michael Neuendorff, PCC. He’s been coaching people in business since 2008 and is only getting started. After leaving a corporate career at Oracle Corporation in 2008 Michael decided to fully pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and professional development by entering in to the field of coaching.

Michael has been trained to provide excellence in coaching by the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC), specifically Andrew Neitlich, founder, and Sheri Boone, MCC, Director of Training. Since being graduated from CEC’s executive coach training program in 2014, Michael returned to the CEC for his Master Certified Coach Trainer certification in 2015.

Michael is also an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the organization that conferred upon him the Professional Coach Certification (PCC). To receive this distinguished accreditation Michael went through a minimum of 100 hours of coach training, submitted client logs chronicling 750+ hours of paid coaching, and passed a rigorous examination.

Michael works with executives and teams to improve individual and group performance. He is a results-driven coach who looks for commitment, accountability and a growth mindset on the part of his clients. Many engagements begin with assessments such as 360s to establish a starting point for growth.

Michael received his BS Advertising degree from Arizona State University and completed additional graduate-level coursework with Heriot-Watt University. He currently co-teaches a Business 100 class at Skyline College. He’s formerly instructed for San Francisco State University, and was a staff advisor with the San Francisco and San Jose Small Business Development Centers.

When not coaching, teaching or training you’ll typically find Michael enjoying vacations and dinners out with his wife and two children, or listening to audiobooks and podcasts.


  • PXT Select Assessments for Smart Hiring Decisions

    We can help you find the right person to fill key positions in your firm with the PXT Select assessment. You'll gain much greater insight in to the candidates for important roles by using this assessment and looking at the 7 reports provided.

    You'll have a better sense of what questions to ask in follow-up interviews and your hiring team will be able to objectively evaluate the best candidates by reviewing the reports. We can help you to learn how to use the reports as well as get set up with an account to use them.

  • 360 Degree Reviews for Leadership Development

    A proven way to create development plans for executives and key leaders in your organization is the use of a 360 degree survey.

    We offer the Check Point 360 survey and have successfully applied it within midsize companies looking to develop their executive members.

    It's easy to apply and accommodates anonymous reviews and comments from peers, directs, outside vendors/partners, and 1 or 2 bosses (not anonymous). With the multiple ways to provide feedback including written comments, the Check Point 360 gives the rated employee a great deal of insight in to how others see them. Included with each survey is an individual development guide with clear ideas on how to use and apply the feedback for improvement.

    Contact us to learn more about this valuable tool for executive development.

  • Use Conversational Intelligence to Improve Communication

    Our president, Michael Neuendorff, is certified as a practitioner of Conversational Intelligence, the groundbreaking communication improvement process created by Judith Glazer.

    Also known as C-IQ, this process helps practitioners have Level III conversations that co-create, share and discover as opposed to Level I conversations, which are focused on ask/inquire; or Level II conversations , which are focused on advocate/inquire.

    When people understand and apply C-IQ, they go from knowing all the answers to asking questions for which they have no answers. This is how co-creation happens and incredible trust is developed. Organizations using C-IQ get more done with less stress and anxiety because of the trust that exists within. Firms can also accelerate innovation with C-IQ.

    Contact us to learn more about Conversational Intelligence and how it can applied within your organization.