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Helping organizations build better teams for 30 years!
Owners of Center for Internal Change, Rick and Susan Stamm

At Center for Internal Change, we know that it all begins with the hire. Our team members have personally experienced how a hiring can be the beginning of an amazing work experience or the beginning of disaster. Hiring sets everything into motion. Because this is such a critical function, we feel it should not be left to chance. Not when a tool like PXT can take the guess work out of it.

Center for Internal Change is an award-winning provider of Everything DiSC® , Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and PXT Select. We have helped organizations utilize these tools to increase their performance and results for over thirty years. We have relied on these tools because of the amazing results our clients have achieved with them. We can help you achieve these results too. Contact us or visit our website to learn more.

Introducing: PXT Select
Great hires make great organizations!

Testimonials For Center for Internal Change

  • A senior manager who has a supervisor in a Team Leader Cafe program, expressed how impressed he was with the level of support for the learner keeping them focused on the skills and the regular reinforcement process that is included. In the 20 years of working with vendors, I have never encountered the kind of support you are providing.

    Scott W
  • At times this group can be a challenge in keeping focused and attentive to the instructors direction. Susan did an excellent job in continuously bringing everyone back to the discussion. Very good exercises to apply on the job. Thank you!

    Deb W


  • PXT Select

    PXT Select is a validated selection assessment that takes the guess work out of hiring. This assessment measures three key areas:

    • Cognitive Abilities
    • Behaviors
    • Interests

    A single assessment can produce up to nine different reports that are used in hiring, on boarding, coaching and more:
    ✓ Comprehensive Selection Report
    ✓ Multiple Candidates Report
    ✓ Multiple Positions Report
    ✓ Performance Model Report
    ✓ Individual Feedback Report
    ✓ Individual Graph
    ✓ Coaching Report
    ✓ Manager Employee Report
    ✓ Team Report

    Candidates are compared to a performance model from the library of models (attached PDF) built into the system. These models can be customized to your unique needs and even built from scratch. Contact us to learn more.

  • Everything DiSC and EPIC

    We can support your implementation of any of the Everything DiSC tools / training:

    ✓ Everything DiSC Workplace
    ✓ Everything DiSC Management
    ✓ Everything DiSC Sales
    ✓ Everything DiSC Product Conflict (coming soon!)
    ✓ Work of Leaders
    ✓ DiSC 363

    When you purchase a facilitator kit, we'll not only share our enhancements but also provide you access to a "walk through" for no additional cost. Our walk through is a mini-train-the-trainer and is provided to you with our compliments.

    Attend our monthly (free) EPIC 101 classes to support your mastery of EPIC, or ask for on-demand access. Our Everything DiSC tours, highlight this powerful suite of tools and training. Visit our website to register for a tour.