Pursuit of Excellence In Personal Development,Selection & Hiring

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Taking the guesswork out of the career decision making process
Pursuit of Excellence In Internship Design Through Innovative Entreprenuerial Thinking

CGC Solutions LLC, a career consulting group, present products,services and personal development digital learning solutions that enable students and interns to invent themselves and pursue employment opportunities with clarity, confidence and sense of purpose.
We take the guesswork out of the personal development, hiring and selection process.
We seek to design and present personal development and career development solutions that streamline the selection,training and retention process with a focus on sales and business development

Testimonials For CGC Solutions LLC

  • ''I want to thank Mr. Lueder for his assistance toward directing me,investing in me, and putting me on a career path that identified and accounted for my inherent skills and talents, enabling me to take advantage of my full potential in an area I might never have considered

    Roman Paz


  • The Intern Institute in Personal Internship Design & Career Development

    We seek to help young talent in their internship and career development activities so they have clarity,confidence and a sense of purpose around their education and career decision making efforts.
    Well designed internships compliment ones educational experiences and lead to great employment opportunities and certainly reflect a candidates ability to succeed in the roles they seek to pursue.
    The information presented by the PXT Select/PSA reports is the foundation for helping highly talented candidates get prepared,positioned and ready to enter the economy and streamlines the the recruitment,selection and talent management process


  • Making The Very Human Decisions About selection and Hiring