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About Us

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Supporting your success in Employee Management

Formed in 2006, Insight Management Consulting is a small business focusing on the core competencies of communications, leadership/management and change. Combined, the senior team has over 80 years of experience consulting and training in both government and private sector organizations. IMC has worked with government agencies worldwide in helping them develop better interpersonal communications skills.
Areas of Expertise:
Communications skills - Three team members are certified as Master Trainers in the VitalSmarts suite of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer and Change Anything.
• Conflict resolution - IMC teaches both communications and conflict resolution
skills to help train employees in how to be more engaged and less hijacked as
they interact in high stakes situations.
• Influence & organizational change - Understanding that there are at least six
sources of influences helps create influence interventions that actually make a
difference in changing behaviors.
• Supervision, management and leadership training.
• Customer and employee satisfaction surveys.
• Culture and work environment surveys and studies.
• One-on-one coaching.
• Making the right hiring decisions.

An Intro to PXT Select
The Human Side of Selection


  • Hiring & Onboarding

    The cost for a bad hire can be in the thousands of dollars. With PXT Select, minimize those costs by determining job fit prior to interviewing the candidate.

  • Candidate Interviewing and Job Fit

    Using PXT Select, you can arm your interviewing team with data and relevant questions to ask all candidates.

  • Developing Talent

    With PXT Select you have greater insights into what needs to be done to develop talent for the next stage in their career.