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Clearwater Consulting Group
Andrea Hopke, Conni Todd, Tia Buckham-White, Laura Stanley

We are a team of passionate, dedicated and experienced leadership consultants headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to develop your people into extraordinary leaders and high-functioning teams while improving your company's organizational effectiveness and financial results.

We specialize in Leadership Development, High-Functioning Teams, 360 / Continuous Feedback Programs, Executive Coaching / Coaching Skills for Leaders, Difficult Conversations, Onboarding, Hiring Process Improvement, and Modern Learning Systems.

At Clearwater, we look beyond the tactical need at hand - hiring a new employee - by taking a systems view. This means understanding the overarching business objectives of the client - for example, some of the ones we have tackled recently include:

-- reducing turnover and stabilizing the talent bench so that the company can grow more effectively
-- attracting new employees who bring a growth mindset in which employees engage proactively with their own development
-- establishing criteria for "best fit" in the midst of changing business dynamics and roles

Understanding who you are hiring, and why, is key to ongoing success. PXT Select's comprehensive set of reports provides tremendous insight and data points about individuals and the aggregate of all candidates reviewed. By profiling your existing talent through PXT Select, you know what works and what does not. By knowing where the company is heading, you have greater clarity about what types of skills and mindset are essential. By looking ahead, the organization better understands fit and the process that will create for success at all levels.

Our client FLEETCOR - CHRO
Our client WorldPay - SVP Org. Dev. & HR
Our client APRIO - CEO