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Mark Cook, Managing Partner

The CrossGroup team has over 75 collective years of experience in business performance and leadership development. Each of our team members has proven success in both business management and consulting.

The CrossGroup supports the growth and development of organizations and their leaders. We partner with organizations in their hiring process and use PXT Select as a tool to put the right person in the best seat. We also offer a Leadership Program composed of a variety of seminars to support your business initiatives, organizational development, and team members.

The CrossGroup difference is in specialization. Unlike other consulting firms, our Business Excellence Model goes beyond canned presentations based on corporate generalities. We dig deep to discover who you are as a company and then tailor proven business development strategies to fit your company, rather than expecting your company to fit our strategies.

To tailor a Leadership Program to your needs, we meet with the management team to understand the strategic direction and objectives of the business and its issues. In doing so, we gain an understanding of the business, the management team, the culture and direction of the company. This allows us to identify individual skills and competencies, address employee challenges including hiring, retention, engagement, and performance, as well as assess needed corrective actions or suggest added emphasis on key management issues. Finally, we introduce Continuous Improvement as a path to sustained performance excellence.

Instead of teaching to you, we prefer to stand beside you. We ask questions, we listen, and then we develop a strategic direction with you. Due to our unique approach, firms we’ve worked with have seen incredible results and exponential improvement.

Testimonials for CrossGroup

  • The CrossGroup combines current business leadership concepts with their unmatched knowledge of our industry to customize a Leadership Development Program that synchronizes with our firm strategy. This Program allows emerging professional to mature while promoting personal commitment to the firm and personal lives.

    Joe RapierPresident/CEO, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper
  • The Cross Group has helped us through our recent leadership transition and are preparing us for the next. Our staff learned how leadership is more about the individual and less about “management”. Our staff has become more accountable and less fearful of conflict. I truly appreciate what they’ve done for our company.

    Rebecca Fink President/CEO, Smith Engineering Company
  • Bottom line, the CrossGroup Leadership Development Training improves our firm. Participants make individual commitments during the sessions that provide tangible and effective results in personal, team, and firm improvement. The Program has helped our next generation of leaders learn how to be leaders.

    Mark Edwards Executive Vice President, Halff Associates
  • In addition to skill building, the Leadership Development Program builds relationships across offices, disciplines, and personalities. The concepts of the leadership model truly empower our people to lead from where they are and to own their responsibilities and careers. It has moved stagnated employees forward in their careers.

    Dawn MooreHR Professional


  • Corporate Strategic Direction

    Every organization needs a strategic direction, complete with goals and objectives that are clearly articulated and measured on a regular basis. Without them, they often face associated problems and issues.

    We begin the process by gaining an understanding of the strategic direction and mission of the organization. We have helped many organizations in the development of a strategic plan. We interview the key company managers to:
    - Determine, or establish the strategic direction
    - Gain insight into the culture and personality of the company
    - Understand the organization and the management team
    - Understand the goals and objectives
    - Build a tailored plan to address, correct or strengthen each employee

  • Organizational Assessment

    The key to addressing organizational issues is to understand the strengths, weakness and culture of the organization. It may be difficult or impossible to implement strategic plans without a supporting organizational culture. Without understanding the culture and assessing the employees’ current competencies, the management team is unable to implement strategies.

    We use assessment tools to:
    - Identify the current culture
    - Identify the organizations’ strengths and weaknesses
    - Develop the preferred culture
    - Measure workforce engagement

    Such information assists in the implementation of its strategic direction, but also enables it to identify the needed training and coaching.

  • Individual Competencies

    Organizations are as strong as their individual employees and their competencies. Our approach assists companies in establishing the core competencies of key employees in terms of the ability to perform specific job responsibilities.

    Our goals are to:
    - Establish core competencies
    - Hire the right people
    - Assist management in correctly positioning employees in their most productive roles.
    - Develop appropriate training
    - Identify future leaders

    It is important to understand that for a business to achieve sustained excellence, it must match those individuals who possess the core competencies, to their most productive roles and develop replacements.

  • Employee Development

    Developing employees is becoming one of the most critical roles of business leaders and managers. In today’s workplace, employers are discovering a new and challenging set of issues. Managing a diverse workplace is a challenge for the management teams throughout all industry.

    Our program focuses on:
    - Skills assessments relating to core competencies
    - Training programs
    - Career Planning
    - Performance Development
    - Continuous Improvement

  • Leadership and Organizational Development

    Focus on the development of specific skill sets within the organization is an important factor in business success. The identification of leadership competencies has been accomplished. Developing and delivering the necessary training and coaching is next in allowing the management team to achieve its goals.

    Training is a necessary component of organizational development and succession planning:
    Leadership Development. This includes:
    - Management skills
    - Strategic Thinking
    - Team Building
    - Assertive Dialogue
    - Personal Accountability
    - Time Management
    - Sales Skills
    - Presentation Skills
    - Financials

    The competency assessments provide the specific training needed. These tailored sessions allow individuals to teach these skills and practice implementation in interactive group settings.

  • Sustained Excellence

    Continuous Improvement is a mindset throughout the organization. It focuses on productive and efficient performance established through a goal-oriented environment with motivated employees creating excellent product/service delivery and increased profits. It establishes a culture of personal and business growth combined with a stable, motivated workforce.

    We believe our program and our tailored approach to the task of developing leadership and management within organizations of any size and any product focus has no parallel. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in establishing an environment of sustained excellence.

    Put the CrossPath business excellence model to work for you. Contact CrossGroup to discuss how we would customize the CrossPath model to make your business more efficient and effective.

Featured Skills

  • Organizational Development
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Succession Planning
  • Individual Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Speaking
  • Teamwork Optimization
  • Hiring Consulting
    • March
    • Hired As sales manager
    • Great resume
    • Impressive background
    • Interviewed extremely well
    • Seemed like a good team player
    • July
    • Discovered
    • Prefers working alone
    • Isn't concerned with performance of others
    • Slow and inaccurate working with numbers and data
    • March
    • Hired As sales manager
    • Great resume
    • Impressive background
    • Interviewed extremely well
    • Seemed like a good team player
    • July
    • Discovered
    • Prefers working alone
    • Isn't concerned with performance of others
    • Slow and inaccurate working with numbers and data
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