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Cheryl Christensen, CEO & Principal Consultant

Do not waste the time and money you spend finding, hiring, and developing your new hires. Ensure you are hiring the right talent for your team and the prospective role. Data2Develop, LLC has experience hiring seasoned global sales leaders or Key Account Directors by profiling the best of the best and finding more of the same as your team requires expansion.

On boarding your critical investments is effective with data needed to develop the talent. Aligning the competencies with effective resources and personnel within the company is possible by identifying the competencies your new hire brings to the business.

Cheryl Christensen brings over 30 years of experience hiring and developing the right talent, sales talent as she carried a bag herself for over twelve years selling to the high technology, aerospace, and engineering workplace working with private, publicly traded, and government accounts, including NASA, IBM, Intel, Harris Corporation, Honeywell, Boeing, Los Alamos Labs, Sandia Labs, Grumman, Ingalls Shipyards, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Coast Guard.

For the last five a half year, Cheryl has designed, built, and delivered critically important training for sales teams as she led the America's Region sales training for IHS Markit, Inc. (IHS Group, Inc.) and Oracle Data Cloud, the newest pillar of offerings, Data as a Service (DaaS) for Oracle, Inc. in Seattle, Washington as Director of Sales Enablement and Training.

With a Business degree from Brigham Young University, a Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Education from Arizona State University, a Masters in Educational Technology, and All But Dissertation towards a PhD in eLearning and Educational Technology at Northcentral University in Prescott, Arizona, Cheryl is familiar with the latest tools in use by major technology corporations. Having worked in academia for nine years first as a Secondary Educator, and an Assistant Professor at Grand Canyon University, she understands adult learning and knows how to help start-ups find low cost resources but delight your students, your people investment.

Give Cheryl a call to discuss your needs and help develop a program that will scale as the business grows, needs change, and you hire new staff. E-mail her at or giver her a call at 662.995.0636.

The Human Side of Selection
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  • Talent Profile Creation and Execution Solution

    Build a Talent Model by Role by assessing the best of the best on your teams to replicate. Data Models by position can be used to identify candidates that fit the respective profile.

  • On Boarding Solutions

    After a thorough needs assessment is conducted along with existing content identified, subject matter experts interviewed, and technology resources researched and recommended, an on boarding solution proof of concept is built and tested with a pilot group before finalizing the Go Forward Plan.

  • Go To Market Boot Camp for Sales

    After a thorough needs assessment is conducted along with existing training content identified, subject matter experts interviewed, a Sales Skills Assessment is conducted to identify skill gaps with existing sales team members and their leaders perceptions. Results are reviewed with sales colleagues and managers, prioritized, and a proposed Go To Market Boot Camp curriculum and format is identified.

    A Train the Trainer approach can also be built where an in house trainer is selected or hired and trained. Or, CMC Coaching, LLC can facilitate the Boot Camp format on an as needed basis. Participation by the Sales and Leadership team in the Boot Camp will be critical for the success of the program.