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Kellie Zimmet
Kellie Zimmet, Elevate Human Potential, Authorized Partner PXT Select

We have a passion for living and believe that a successful business is done right when you can achieve, be fulfilled and have time to really live. When our clients elevate the people within their business they see the rewards both financially and personally that come from having a committed team of happy people.

Testimonials For Elevate Human Potential

  • "Kellie has done a great job working with our company to improve our employee development and succession planning. She is professional, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Her efforts have delivered measurable results."

    Ed Wood, CEO CSB System
  • Kellie is a brilliant advisor & HR consultant whom advised me through many phases of my company. She does not overcomplicate, rather she is masterful at cutting through the thicket & simplifying, which is what every leader needs. Hiring people, takes an expert who understands human relations, and she brings science & intuition to her job.

    Stephanie Schull, PHD, Founder at Kegelbell


  • PXT Select- Hiring and Developing the Right People Just Got Easier

    Hiring the ideal person for the job you need to get done is critical to the success of your organization, but as you can likely attest: Interviews alone never tell you all you would like to know before making the job offer. Fortunately, you can use the power of Big Data to help through the use of scientific assessment. Simple tools that give real results.

    The ProfileXT Select uses powerful data to help organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach and develop their team members and leaders.

    Need to screen job applicants and select the best candidates? The ProfileXT Select is an assessment tool for pre-employment screening and selection. It helps you chose the best candidates to fill your job openings. Our assessment helps you to identify if a person CAN do a job, if they WILL do a job, and if the WILL BE HAPPY doing so. Try getting all of that from a traditional interview!