Helping You Supply Great Resources

Supply Great Resources With Help From PXT Select™.

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Edwin Reyes, Jr.
Helping You Supply Great Resources With PXT Select™.

Since 2012, Enchantment Energy Consulting has been actively supporting small municipal and cooperative electric utilities with supply strategies, wholesale power procurement and operational challenges. With PXT Select™, we're helping you supply great people resources to serve your customers and members .


  • Hiring Great Resources

    With PXT Select™ we can help you to be sure you have the right person for the right job. It's as easy as one text, one email or one phone call away.

  • Succession Planning

    We know the workforce is aging and it's happening even faster in the energy industry. We can work with you and your team to develop a plan that ensures your company's success when the next generation starts steering the ship. With PXT Select™ you can be more assured that you have the talent in place to continue to deliver results when the exit strategy comes together.

  • Career Planning

    With the expectation of 20+ jobs in a lifelong career Gen-Y's and Millennials WILL need job rotations and active career plans to stay engaged. With the PXT Select™ and the Profile Planner™ managers can actively manage the career paths of their best talent and keep them ENGAGED and RETAINED.