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With 20+ years experience in private and social sectors, Epiphany Consulting helps align your leaders, managers, and staff to work together to empower one another to turn insights into action and ensure tangible, lasting change.

An authorized business partner of PXT Select™, Epiphany Consulting provides organizations with expert knowledge and experience by implementing solutions that drive business results.

Epiphany utilizes PXT Select™ to help organizations across the globe find the right people for the right roles, at any point of the employee lifecycle. Epiphany not only helps you find the right people, but also helps you select, onboard, coach, and develop employees to reach their full potential.

Epiphany’s approach thrives in organizations where senior leaders are committed to building cohesive teams, holding each other accountable, and delivering better results—together.

Epiphany’s team development solutions are:
-High tech - Through the use of innovative adaptive testing Epiphany offers a personalized assessment experience, and a personalized interview experience tailored to each candidate.

-Proven to get results - PXT Select is fueled by over 40+ years of assessment-backed expertise and 200+ years of publishing excellence.

-Tailored to your company - Each team member receives a robust, personalized profile that helps drive understanding of self and others.

Epiphany’s proven implementation plan includes deliverables and timetables to help you set and achieve clear objectives. Comprehensive training is provided according to each clients' unique needs and objectives. Performance models can be built from your top performing employees in order to arrange a strategy that addresses the dynamic nature of your team.

Epiphany helps ensure organizational success by:
- Simplifying the hiring and selection process
- Engaging your talent
- Reducing hiring bias
- Replicating top performers
- Decreasing the cost of bad hires
- Cutting down turnover

Testimonials For Epiphany Consulting

  • My team and I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen & Kathi for a half day during our Corporate Revenue Management Retreat. We found the time to be very valuable and were able to learn a lot about ourselves as well as to understand better ways to collaborate with each other. There were some surprising insights and key takeaways for us to use.

    Cassie Bond, CHRM, CRME Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Chesapeake Hospitality
  • I have worked with Epiphany Consulting for over 15 years. If you are looking for help in selecting employees, re-tooling your HR policies and procedures and how to best motivate your employees, I would highly recommend you reach out to Epiphany to help you along this journey. Kathleen and Kathi are a pleasure to work with.

    Greg Burton, Executive Chairman Encova Insurance


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    Having the right people in the right jobs is truly powerful. PXT Select™ not only helps you find the right people, but also helps you shape the overall employee experience. PXT Select’s suite of reports helps you select, onboard, coach, and develop employees to reach their full potential.

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