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About Us

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Our Founder: David Wuensch

EPOCH Sales Management Solutions provides Sales Management Consulting Services to help B2B Business Owners grow their businesses by picking the right strategy, selecting and developing the right Sales Professionals and developing repeatable sales processes. Our focus and execution on sales team development helps catapult your business to the next level.

Our philosophy is that selling starts with the right strategy and the right people, while requiring repeatable processes, good sales coaching and sound tactical selling skills. It is about uncovering and covering all buyer roles, understanding what is in it for the key buyers and presenting your solution to provide personal wins and business results. You must know your target and identify the proper measurement metrics to keep your company’s sales process on track. Managing the sales process also requires sales people, positioned in the right sales slots, that work their sales funnel with the right priorities to reduce the “roller coaster” effect. Trust between seller and buyer is required throughout the process or you may wonder why your buyers don’t seem to be involved in the buying process anymore.


  • Sales Management Consulting Services

    Hire EPOCH Sales Management Solutions to:
    - Help you grow revenue while modeling EPOCH Sales Management Solutions with your Sales Team
    - Help you recognize EPOCH Sales Management traits and capabilities to hire your Sales -
    Professionals and next Sales Manager
    - Help you Learn EPOCH Sale Management Practices to better lead your Sales Team

    EPOCH Sales Management Solutions:
    - Sales Organization Assessment
    - Recruit, Hire and Onboard new Sales People
    - Develop Sales Strategies
    - Develop Opportunity Management Sales Processes
    - DevelopTerritory Management Sales Process
    - Develop Account Management Sales Process
    - Develop Call Management Sales Process
    - Sales Coaching and Performance Management

Featured Skills

  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Sales Person Selection Process
  • Sales Process Development
  • Sales Tools
  • New Business Development
  • Sales Management
  • Leadership


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