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Clay & Terri Francell
Clay & Terri Francell in front of the Texas Capital

Terri Francell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is an experienced Manager, Consultant, and Human Resources Director. Her ability to communicate effective growth measures and development ideas in these fields allows her to keep companies running smoothly during transitions such as acquisitions, mergers, union discussions, as well as industrial plant closings and openings.

Managers rely on Terri’s expertise in recruitment, training, negotiations, and motivating employees. She’s taught Human Resources Management and Business Communication classes at the university level, and was published in 2002 as co-author on “Goldratt’s Thinking Process Applied to Union Negotiations.” In her work with Basic Energy Services, Terri has handled all aspects of human resources needs for a national oil field-related services company, including due diligence inquiries, policy and process application, and employee integration after acquisition.

Terri’s talent for making sure all business programs run smoothly begins with her ability to relate to the needs of the company as well as the needs of the employee. One of the most beneficial aspects of navigating changes in how Human Resources is used and applied is that it encourages finding a better fit for each position within your company, no matter the number of employees.

Clay Francell is a First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Trainer and offers an extensive background in Safety and Training, with special expertise in navigating how Non-Profit Organizations are managed. With nearly three decades of experience developing safety programs for multiple industries, including water recreation, aviation entertainment, and oil field related applications, his goal is to go “above and beyond” so that every person is prepared for their assigned task.

Education and development play important roles in making sure employees and volunteers are aware of what is expected of them when it comes to performing daily work requirements, as well as handling customer satisfaction and company policy.

Working with volunteer-based organizations for over 35 years, Clay has developed a keen ability to decipher committee communications and re-focus a non-profit’s needs and wants. His past experience includes: Board President of West-Side Odessa YMCA
Board Member, Chairman of Disaster Preparedness and Planning and Safety Specialist, American Red Cross-West Texas Territory
Managing Director/Technical Director, Globe Theatre
AIRSHO Director/Dir. of Education-CAF


  • Pre-employment Assessments, Employment Integration, Conflict Resolution and Building a Cohesive Team

    Our Core Program is PXT Select™ Profile. This assessment is recommended to help with pre-employment and on boarding. Also, This assessment is used by companies and organizations to better understand who and how employees work individually as well as a team. Our 2nd Program is Everything DiSC®. This assessment digs deeper into how each individual thinks, much like the MBTI only deeper. This assessment works to better understand how all employees get along with each other. Our 3rd Program is “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®”. This program is a coaching program to help bring different teams within an organization and/or a team as a whole together. The last two programs help towards building a “whole team” relationship which in turns benefits a healthy and productive conflict resolution.