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Fill the gap between the resume and interview with PXT Select™.

About Us

Dave MacKenzie

Since 1999 Fundy Group has been helping companies Hire and Coach top performers.
We do this by introducing you to a process to develop what will allow you too get to know your potential team members that will fir with the culture of your organization.
For example, we make sure that the person writing the job placement ads, the person doing the hiring, and the person performing the tasks on the front line are all operating to achieve common goals.
This is why we have created The PXT Select Hiring System to help business owners recruit and retain top performers.


  • Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job. Sign up for a complimentary Starter Session.

    The Fundy Group wants you to feel comfortable with our company and the process that we have developed to make better decisions when it comes to people and how they become top performers.
    One of our team will take you through a complimentary PXT Select Hiring System Starter Session that will allow you to get some great ideas and processes that work for you and your people. This session will take about an hour and we are confident that you will find it very rewarding. Please contact our office and we will schedule a time and send you a Starter Kit to get you underway.