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Your partner for PXT Select™, Martha Legare, MBA, PMP, CMP

Gantt Group is in the business of transformative change. We use Everything DiSC®, 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and PXT Select™ to help align your ever-evolving organization, people, and projects. We partner with you to assess and develop leaders and strategies. We help you transform your culture, building your organization's capacity to meet your rapidly shifting business needs.

What makes us different is that we understand organizational change, as well as talent management, project management, and business strategy. With diverse experiences culturally and educationally, we know what it takes to get all kinds of people working together in alignment to achieve common goals.

Our consultants have not just designed training programs and project methodologies, they have managed manufacturing plants, HR and IT departments around the world. We understand first-hand the challenges of doing business in a fluctuating global economy and can help your organization become more agile.

Our clients perceive us as partners who are both flexible and stable. We develop close, collaborative relationships that deliver high-performance results to meet your needs.

Testimonials For Gantt Group

  • “We appreciate the contribution that Gantt Group is making to our organization. We’ll now do a much better job going forward with our selection, planning, and management.”

    Rich Kalich President, Vermed Medical Sensors
  • “Martha and the Gantt Group have proven to be excellent partners in providing top-quality consulting, training, and development services to our customers. Finding great partners is no easy task. I can recommend them enthusiastically – they are knowledgeable and skillful and bring a great deal of added value to any engagement.”

    Kim Barnes President/CEO, Barnes & Conti


  • PXT Select™ Implementation

    We assess your systems and consult with you to implement PXT Select™, a pre-employment assessment tool that fills the gap between receiving resumes and conducting interviews. We help you hire smarter and faster. PXT Select™ measures a candidate's thinking styles, behaviors, and interests: three areas that impact an individual's approach to situations in the workplace.

    PXT Select™ offers a suite of reports that enhance selection, on-boarding, coaching, and development within your organization. Let us help you improve your hiring process.


Be my guest at a PXT Select™ showcase. Take an in-depth look into the program and discover how you can use PXT Select™ in your organization. Select a city below to learn more.

Featured Skills

  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Organizational Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Planning Facilitation
  • Team Alignment
  • Project Management
  • Customized Learning Solutions
  • New Product Development
  • Public Speaking


  • Authorized Partner
  • Authorized Partner
  • Authorized Partner
  • Project Management Professional Certification
  • Certified Mediator