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Jim McKelvey, Principal and Vice President of Great Lakes Profiles, Inc.
Jim McKelvey, Principal and Vice President of Great Lakes Profiles, Inc.

Since 1991 we’ve partnered with organizations throughout North America and, by supplying them with world-class assessment products, we’ve helped them create engaged and productive workplace cultures. Our goal has been to provide simple, flexible, and durable solutions to people issues through the use of assessment products which are leaders in quality, performance, technology, and value that serve the needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our newest product, PXT Select™, continues that tradition.

We believe an organization's philosophies are its underpinnings; they are the principles and values which form its personality and culture. Accordingly, we:

• Value and respect our employees, clients, and suppliers.
• Provide value and satisfaction to our clients.
• Communicate freely; listen to our partners' goals and help them succeed.
• Continuously improve; useing only the most technologically advanced, reliable, and validated assessment instruments.


  • PXT Select™

    PXT Select™ predicts job suitability and accurately matches people with the work they do, allowing you to identify and place top performers in each position. The PXT Select™ is a “total person” assessment with a myriad of uses; it can be used for selection, coaching, training, promotion, managing, succession planning, and job description development. It measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive – thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests.

  • CheckPoint 360° Feedback System™

    A powerful professional management development tool, the CheckPoint 360° Feedback System positively impacts an individual’s growth and the organization’s success. The CheckPoint 360° provides the basis for planning and executing a program for professional growth for each supervisor and manager. The CheckPoint 360° is a multi-rater feedback process which provides individuals an opportunity to receive an evaluation of their job performance in eighteen key skills areas from the people around them. The results allow them to compare the opinions of others with their own perceptions, positively identify their strengths, and pinpoint the areas of job performance which could be improved.

  • Step One Survey II®

    The Step One Survey II® asks tough questions that evaluate a job applicant’s attitudes towards integrity, illegal substance abuse, reliability and work ethic; i.e., are they honest, hard-working, dependable, and inclined to be drug free. It also provides a structured interview process in order to conduct better interviews; thereby protecting company assets against theft, fraud and embezzlement as well as protecting the company from inefficiency, absenteeism, and job turnover.

  • Profiles Performance Indicator™

    This DISC-type assessment measures an individual’s perception of their behavioral factors and provides managers with essential information to more effectively mentor the performance of their employees; thus making each employee more valuable and productive. The reports are like instruction manuals, filled with essential information about your people – behavioral tendencies in critical job-related competencies, employee response to job stress, frustration, conflict, and adaptability to change, as well as how each employee is motivated.

    When a group of people have taken the assessment, a comprehensive Profiles Team Analysis™ can be generated. The analysis outlines team members’ characteristics compared to the team leader’s characteristics giving insight into the role he/she must play to keep team members focused, maximize their performance and achieve team objectives. The report is used to eliminate conflict, build cooperation, improve communication, and assure desired results.

  • Profiles Sales Assessment™

    The Profiles Sales Assessment™ is used to assist sales leaders in identifying, developing, and retaining people with an innate talent for selling. In addition to providing important information on thinking style, behavioral characteristics, and occupational interests, it also measures seven critical sales behaviors; providing sales leaders with insights to effectively drive sales while increasing market penetration.

  • Customer Service Profile™

    The Customer Service Profile™ assesses the attitudes and customer service proficiency of employees and job candidates. It gives you the critical information you need to hire individuals with good customer service skills, improve customer service training, and increase awareness that every employee is part of the customer service team.

  • Skills Testing

    Our online skills tests help employers evaluate the skills and knowledge of job candidates and current employees. The tests were created by subject matter experts and provide a predictive evaluation of competency levels. Hundreds of standard tests on specific subjects are available or employers can write their own questions or edit existing questions to meet their specific testing needs.

  • Coaching Services

    Our Coaching Services are designed to improve the performance levels of supervisors, managers, and leaders. We provide High Impact CEO Coaching; High Impact Executive, Managerial, Front Line Supervisory, and Leadership Coaching; High Impact Business Coaching; and Certification for Internal Coaches we’ve trained.

  • Training Programs and Leadership Academy

    Our Training Programs consist of hundreds of training modules which can be tailored to your specific needs and all of these courses are now available as e-Learning modules. Our Leadership Academy approach combines assessments, teaching, individual and group coaching, facilitation, and a Capstone work-related assignment; all of which are driven by your organization's business needs and objectives.

  • Business Simulations

    Our board based Business Simulations are fast becoming a popular way to increase the business and financial acumen of an organization’s leaders and employees. Through the simulations, we help organizations teach their leaders and/or employees how to drive profitability by allowing them to “experience” the real-life complexities of running the business. Our customizable simulations are hands-on (not lectured based) where participants must make decisions in all aspects of the business. They’re faced with challenging situations requiring them to balance shareholder needs with profitability, cash, and growth requirements.