Hiring is the FRONT door to your future success.

Hiring is the front door to your future success.

About Us

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Everything - - including hiring -- is changing at speeds never seen before. (for example: Uber, Airbnb, drones, Grubhub, etc.)

Is your company keeping up? Or, falling behind? We can help. We help managers make hiring their COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

About Us
John Bishop has owned two companies, been the Vice President - Sales at another company with 300 sales people and has written three books to help people succeed.

Personally, John has motorcycled across the US, visited 49 of the 50 US states and traveled in Europe and Japan. Despite two very serious back injuries, he has earned two Black Belts in martial arts and camped alone for seven days in the Grand Canyon.
He and his wife live in St Louis.

Testimonials For Hire to Compete

  • I have been using your services for a while now and can’t be happier with the results. You help me dial in my candidates and you even give me interview questions to help learn more about areas outside our criteria. All this helps us to hire the best people possible and in business great people mean everything! Thank you John for the great insights!

    Barry S, Director Family business, major national tire distributor
  • John can be counted on to offer intelligent solutions and professional consultation…..and is very knowledgeable about employee testing.

    Lori C, Vice President - HR, credit union
  • John was a great resource in hiring a high-level manager for my company.  He not only helped design and implemented profile assessments, but also provided valuable insight and knowledge as well as being a great sounding board which helped me hire the best candidate for the position.Ann T, President, family business, manufacturing & distribution

    Ann T., President, wholesale distribution company
  • Profiles International (now a division of Wiley) has been a very valuable tool for us over the past many years. Not only do we gain information about candidates that may not have been gleaned during the interview process, but the reports assist us in coaching our hired team to help them reach their goals. The reports, along with counsel from John,

    Julie T, partner in a large Midwest accounting firm


  • PXT Select™

    The PXT Select™ assessment that measures thinking, behavioral traits and interests and compares the candidate’s scores to successful benchmarks set up specifically for your company.

    The PXT Select™ Selection Report includes:
    • Targeted interview questions
    • “Listen for” tips about what to listen for from the candidate’s response
    • Easy-to-understand and read graphs
    • Distortion scale to flag when a candidate may not have been candid
    • Top performer job benchmark that are customized to your company
    • Reports are delivered immediately and are available 24/7 on multiple platforms
    • One assessment = 9 reports including coaching, promotions, career development, leadership, etc.

    How can we help you?

  • Develop a Mission Statement - Hiring

    Most companies have a Mission Statement. Do you have a Mission Statement - Hiring.

    It is a short, non-discriminatory expression of the employee characteristics you need to fulfill your Mission Statement. It helps managers to focus on those needs when hiring.

    We help companies develop their Mission Statement - Hiring.

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  • Strategic Hiring Forms

    We have developed two strategic hiring forms - Job Outlook™ and the Interview Evaluation form. What is different?

    Most job descriptions provide only the most basic information. i.e., duties, responsibilities, travel etc. Similarly, most interview evaluation forms are generic and not strategic. (i.e., asked good questions, seemed prepared, etc.)

    We do not replace the job descriptions. Rather, we enhance them.

    Our copyrighted forms take 15 minutes to complete. The Job Outlook™ form captures the hiring manager’s strategic thoughts about their team and the open position. Managers sign the form. That strategic information is carried though the interview process with the enhanced Interview Evaluation form.

    How can we help you?

  • Training & Consulting

    We believe that hiring is the front door to your company's future success.

    Our training & consulting is centered on making hiring a competitive advantage for your company.

    How can we help you?