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Kim Leifsen, Workforce Strategist
Kim Leifsen, Workforce Strategist

Kim formed her company, Hiring Strategies, and her management and leadership philosophy around an idea shared with her by a former employer and local leadership legend, George Russell of the Frank Russell Company. George said, “If I hire people who are smarter than me and I take care of those employees and make them my priority, then they will take care of my customers and my company.”

This philosophy, having grown up with a father who hated his job and did that job for almost 40 years, a passion for impeccable customer service and a belief in Simon Sinek’s theory; “If you hire someone to do a job they will work for your money, but if you hire someone who believes what you believe they will work for you with blood, sweat and tears,” is how Kim helps companies hire the right people the first time…and keep them.

Kim has 20 years of combined experience in benefits, corporate recruiting, executive search, employee assessments, and leadership development in companies varying in size (2 employees to 1000 employees), and industry (retail, financial services, distribution, warehousing, construction, manufacturing and consulting.) This breadth of experience in varying cultures across the United States provides valuable insight as to what works and what doesn’t when recruiting top performers, creating effective hiring processes and systems, and developing a strong leadership bench.

What’s the impact?
• Employee personal success and fulfillment
• Company goals exceeded and purpose and vision actualized
• Long term profitability
• Decreasing Turnover
• Increasing Productivity
• Increasing Leadership Ability - Individually and Organizationally
• One client reported a six figure loss in revenue and admitted that if he had listened to Kim they would have prevented that loss by not promoting the wrong person for the job

Kim is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, an emphasis in Human Resources Management and a Minor in Psychology. She was a board member for the South Puget Sound Society of Human Resources Management (2003), a founding member of the Staffing Management Association of Seattle, and a board member for Celebration Lutheran Church (2009-2014). Kim is a Certified LEAP – Leadership Acceleration Program – Coach and Program Manager and is a PXT Select Authorized Partner.

Testimonials For Hiring Strategies

  • Kim thank you for everything you do for us as your customer. I have never met you but consider you a valuable member of our team and a friend. The cost of your assessments is peanuts compared to hiring the wrong people.

    Phil Wiley Sales Director for Improveit ! Home Remodeling
  • I highly recommend Kim. Her uncanny ability to quickly drill down to the meat of her candidate assessment tool has steered us to smart staffing and saved resources for our company. She has a special talent for communicating assessment results quickly and in real world terms that are easy to understand and apply to real business situations.

    Jo Anne Estes Owner, Estes Builders, LLC
  • Kim has helped my business identify, select, train and manage employees... Every hire has been a great match thanks to her tools and techniques. She is able to see the big picture to help my business succeed...she never misses the details that make the emp mgmt process efficient, effective and legally defensible.

    DT North, MS, CDMS, ABVE-D Vocational Expert, Achieve Consulting


  • ProfileXT

    The ProfileXT (PXT) helps organizations make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. This online selection assessment measures a candidates thinking style, behaviors, and interests. Three areas that impact an individual's approach to situations in the workplace.

    PXT offers a suite of reports that enhance selection, onboarding, coaching, and development within an organization. Whether you have a new hire or an employee who has been with the company for 10 years, PXT can help keep that person engaged, productive, energized and excited to come to work.

  • LEAP® - Leadership Development Program

    The LEAP® program combines world-class leadership and management development practices with highly skilled facilitators & coaches to transform your managers into leaders. The LEAP® program is not for everyone. It is NOT a series of public seminars. It is a cohort group of individuals who are invited to join this program for career development purposes. The curriculum is customized to fit each cohort group's needs and real-world issues are discussed in a safe and productive way. During the LEAP® year we measure participants "confidence and competence" at specific intervals so we know how much growth is occurring. We are proud to have graduated more than 250 leaders from our program since 2003. The principals and practices we use in developing great leadership are based on years of experience and research in the field of leadership and emp development. Our programs have shown an increase of applied skill ranging from 20-70% and an increase in business results measured at more than 40%.

  • Checkpoint 360 Leadership Development Assessment

    Profiles Checkpoint is a powerful development tool, designed to positively impact your managers' professional growth and career. As a result, your organization's overall success is enhanced and accelerated.

    For managers, supervisors, and others in leadership positions, it can facilitate peak performance that generates improved productivity in the workplace. By leading their people more effectively they'll be building relationships that inspire higher performance from their direct reports. Profiles Checkpoint quantifies a participant's competencies, verifies the results from a variety of perspectives and identifies ways to enhance skills. For one individual or for every leader in your organization, Profiles Checkpoint is an ongoing process that can be used at key intervals to monitor the progress of professional growth.

  • Workforce Strategy & System Support

    Hiring Strategies can help you improve your hiring and retention systems, from top to bottom. We can offer help beginning from defining your organizational, as well as position Purpose and Why, defining critical outcomes/behavioral requirements and writing job descriptions, structuring your interview process, employee assessments, writing interview questions, recruiting services, and team building to leadership development and coaching.