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About Us

Dick Bell

Dick is a designated PXT Select™ Certified Professional.

HR Counselors joined Profiles as a Strategic Business Partner in 2003 because many of our clients felt they lacked sufficient information to make intelligent hiring decisions. As a result, they were experiencing too much expensive turnover and less than desired productivity.

We work closely with our clients to help customize each assessment based on the company expectations and individual manager style. We are always available to assist in any way possible.

Our Principal, Dick Bell, had extensive experience in Human Resources at major companies before forming HR Counselors in 1999. HR Counselors is focused on successful hiring, legal compliance, supervisor training and policy development. Dick can help ensure that every aspect of your hiring process is compliant with various employment laws which will greatly reduce the possibility of any negative legal action.

The company moved from Houston to the Charlotte, NC area (Mooresville) in 2014, but maintains a strong presence in Houston.

We welcome your inquiries. You will be assured of receiving totally professional and confidential service.


  • Effective and legal hiring

    The combination of HR Counselors employment law expertise and Profiles products will provide an immediate and noticeable improvement in the quality of the people hired which will ultimately lead to greater productivity and profits.

Featured Skills

  • Profiles Expertise
  • Provide training to ensure legal and effective hiring