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"Hire character, Train skill" , Peter Schutz, Former CEO of Porsche

Since 2009 HR Staffing Tools has been helping companies reach their potential through workforce optimization. What’s the secret to your company's success? PXT Select™ can answer that question with comprehensive workforce metrics that address the entire ecosystem of people in your organization. Discover how this actionable, useful, and transformative data can bring any size company closer to reaching its potential through workforce optimization. Greatly enhance the selection process to match the right person for the job and significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire which can cost months of lost salary.

What is your organization looking to accomplish, fix, or avoid? Do you “hire character and train
skill” or visa versa? A pilot would not fly blindly without an instrument panel and a doctor can’t
diagnose without lab test results; so to are workforce metrics indispensable. Experience how
the powerful guidance of PXT Select™ can create high performance in your workplace.

The Human Side of Selection


  • Improve Selection/Hiring Process

    Employee Selection is the process of placing the right person in the right job by matching organization requirements with the skills and qualifications of candidates. There are many factors to consider when hiring a candidate and there's a lot at stake. Hiring the wrong person for a job can mean a great deal of pain and hassle for all involved. In contrast, hiring the right person can open up new opportunities!

    PXT Select™ makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter.

    A powerful selection assessment, PXT Select helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview. It provides organizations with actionable data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help them to interview better and hire smarter.

    The data from the PXT Select suite of reports help organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop their team members.

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

    Employees who are unhappy, not motivated or not a good fit for their position likely won’t stay on the job long. This will force you to constantly repeat the hiring process. If you don’t have the resources to efficiently hire new employees—or better yet, avoid high turnover in the first place—this can cause major problems in your operations.

    We offer several solutions to help you keep employee turnover as low as possible. This includes tools to help you recruit and hire the best people in the first place, along with assessments that help you determine how to best motivate and engage the employees you currently have.

    The Step One Survey II® is a pre-employment test is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process. Work-related values that we closely examine in our Step One Survey II® include: employee background, employment history, integrity, personal reliability, and work ethic.

  • Improve Interview Process

    The PXT Select™ assessment is based on over 20 years of research and can provide organizations with a fuller picture of candidates. To make the interviewing process more effective it provides the hiring manager a comprehensive list of interview questions tailored to the specific candidate and consists of personalized questions based on the candidate's fit to the Performance Model.

  • Employee Retention Strategy

    Once you find and hire the right people, you want to keep them. Employee retention is a result of your hiring, training and employee development efforts.

    The PXT Select™ family of assessments can help you identify the factors that contribute to employee departure as well as a good job fit. More importantly, we can tell you what to do with that information. We can also help suggest ways that you can avoid hiring employees who may have a tendency to leave.

  • Onboarding Employees

    Knowing the qualities of who you hired along with the manager and team that will work with the new hire can go a long way in becoming a highly productive members of an organization. The Coaching Report, Manager-Employee Report, and Team Report are a powerful trio that can contribute to efficient onboarding. They are all included in the The PXT Select™ family of assessments.

  • Team Development

    The team report can help team leaders and team members address the group's dynamics in a constructive way. It consists of multiple employees' results on the Behavioral Traits scales, as well as narrative feedback about what those results many mean for a team. It is designed so that each team member can receive a personalized report, with the feedback written to him or her, rather than a single team report where the narrative is written solely to the manager.


  • Coaching

    The ability to coach and guide employees can greatly enhance productivity and increase job satisfaction. Having deeply insightful information can fuel success. The Coaching Report contains an individual's assessment results as well as coaching tips about how he or she may approach different aspects of the position. The report can be used as part of the selection process, but it is often used for onboarding , coaching, training, and development.

  • Succession Planning

    Match any employee or candidate to any position or any job description to any employee or candidate.

    Succession planning reaches a new level with the Multiple Positions Report, Multiple Candidates Report, and Manager-Employee Report. Assessment results can be applied to any position thereby allowing for powerful succession planning as employees transition out of positions.

    The Manager-Employee report compares and individual's results on the behavioral scales with those of the manager. It helps build an understanding of how the manager approaches the job of supervising others and how an employee prefers to be managed, allowing the manager and employee to build a more effective relationship. The report can be used as a strategic part of the succession planning process.

  • Leadership

    The Leadership Report provides invaluable insight into a candidate’s leadership potential and their approach to meeting leadership challenges. It helps hiring managers understand how a candidate leads by providing narrative descriptions of an individual’s key characteristics (including cognitive and behavioral traits, and interests) and their personal strengths and challenges as they relate to six Leadership Skills. Featuring tailored questions and tips on ‘what to listen for’ with each candidate, this report gives you a meaningful edge in your hiring process.