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Valerie Oldre, President, SPHR

As a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner and Certified Professional, Valerie specializes in helping business owners, executives and managers to develop an evidence-based workforce talent strategy that results in peak performance, increased employee engagement, more cohesive teams and reduced turnover.

Her passion is to teach leaders how to maximize the value of data-driven assessments, which empowers them to keep hiring higher. Assisting organizations in achieving missions, exceeding performance goals and securing long-term viability has been her mission for more than 26 years.

Valerie partners with healthcare, insurance, property management and other sales-driven organizations to improve employee selection processes, close talent gaps, develop training and onboarding programs, as well as identify and mentor future leaders.

She understands that premier organizations achieve and retain their positions as industry leaders because they started with the right people in the right roles. But even more than that, Valerie coaches her clients on how to identify future talent needs today so they hire right for tomorrow. Her goal is to help organizations succeed in this dynamic market by strategically growing into their people. This commitment provides her clients with consistent results over the lifetime of their businesses.

Valerie holds the SPHR Certification from the Society for Human Resources and holds a double bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Minnesota. She is an active member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Minnesota Multi Housing Association, Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) of Fort Myers, Southwest Florida Apartment Association and National Apartment and Multi-Family Housing Association.

PXT Select™ — The Human Side of Selectio

Testimonials For Human Capital Advantage

  • I’ve worked with Valerie for several years now using the Profile XT “personality assessment” software. The product is fantastic! Check it out if you’re looking for these software tools – or if you aren’t consistently making good hiring decisions.

    — Drew S., CEO, Hired Human Capital Advantage for personality profile assessments use in hiring
  • We engaged Valerie to assist us in developing criteria for hiring new sales people. She spent a considerable amount of time developing a model that we use on everyone we hire...we are more focused in our hiring and have made fewer mistakes. She is terrific to work with, and always provides suggestions to make the process even better!

    Harold L., CEO, Hired Human Capital Advantage to help With hiring process, property management firm
  • I highly recommend Valerie and the Profile Assessment System. We no longer struggle to hire the type of person who is a top performer, and have greatly improved the quality of our hires. It takes the guesswork out of matching the right applicant to the right position. It's so much more than a hiring tool.

    Patti T., V.P., Hired Human Capital Advantage as human resources consultant, property management


  • Map a workforce hiring strategy—“If you don’t know where you’re going, you end up somewhere else."

    Hiring employees who fail to perform to expectations is costly and disruptive. What's the solution? PXT Select helps employers accurately define and communicate the demands of the role during the recruiting process, and then assesses candidate fit. Without an objective tool, hiring teams rely heavily on gut instincts and superficial information, which could lead to poor hiring decisions.

    After understanding your organizational goals, we'll work together to develop a workforce selection strategy that is aligned with your culture and the essential attributes that drive success in each of your positions. You'll gain objective, predictive information on how well candidates and current employees meet positional demands and increase recruitment and hiring ROI.

    After all...

    “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else,” Yogi Berra


    Human Side of Selection
  • Identify, Select, Develop and Replicate exceptional performers with the PXT Select

    Hire people who can meet/exceed your job and culture requirements
    Determine if a candidate is a great fit--or not
    Identify attributes of your top performers
    Create benchmark/success profiles
    Use these benchmarks spot future hires , or employees with potential

    People are complex! Because we're each wired differently, managing and developing employees is essential to achieving a thriving workforce and peak performance. Healthy communication and teamwork are the lifeblood of a strong culture and are fundamental to creating extraordinary organizations that reach goals and accomplish missions.

    We diagnose before we prescribe! To help you successfully drive your organization forward, we'll help you identify, understand and adapt to the unique wiring of each of your employees and its impact on relationships, communications, productivity and morale.

    From the front lines to the executive suite, no longer will you say...

    "This would be a great place to work if it weren’t for the

  • Cultivate an extraordinary workforce and culture—find the right people with the PXT Select

    People matter! Culture matters! The PXT Select helps you find the right people for the job and is critical in helping you build a culture that attracts the best and keeps them.

    Great organizations are built on more than lofty ideals. They're built on great actions. Disconnects between what is said and what is actually done erodes trust and leads to a disengaged workforce, low morale and high turnover.

    Culture can always be transformed and improved. Working with you, we can assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of your current culture, as seen through the eyes of your employees. Their input provides illuminating perspective regarding the work environment and leadership practices. This critical information serves as a compass to help you successfully reach your organizational goals.

    By creating an aligned culture, the following thought is rendered impossible...

    "What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say," Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Simplify your Selection Process with the PXT Select

    Hire people who meet and exceed your job requirements!

    Hire people who match your culture

    Determine if candidates are GREAT FITS----or NOT!

    Ensure a consistent approach and prevent subjective hidden biases from influencing hiring and management decisions.


    Human Side of Selection
  • Replicate Top Performers--Choose those with the Best Fit with the PXT Select

    Identify attributes of your top performers to create benchmarks/success profiles

    Use these benchmarks to spot future hires who match your most successful people

  • Retain Your talent--Reduce Costly Disruptive Turnover

    With the PXT Select:

    Get critical insights into your employee's strengths and capabilities--use that information to keep them growing, engaged in their present job and to identify future career opportunities.

    Keep these employees by using this information to make great onboarding, coaching, and succession planning decisions.

    Access information that is critical to management, leadership, team development and employee/manager relationships to strengthen engagement and retention..

  • Decrease the cost of bad hires with the PXT Select

    Avoid bad hires that damage morale and workforce engagement.

    Avoid infecting the workforce culture with bad work habits that can cause widespread productivity issues.

  • Decrease Turnover with the PXT Select

    Minimize turnover due to poor job fit.

    Hire employees with the right talents to successfully performtheir jobs, positively impacting performance and productivity