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Myron J Clack
Turning Strategy into Action

Myron Clack has 25 years of experience as an organization development practitioner, consulting with employers and organizations on how to improve their workplace culture by focusing on the following areas:
Leadership development; to include issues regarding supervisory and management training
Workplace culture with attention to change management resolution and strategy
Facilitation and training specifically in the areas of effective communications and team building
Strategically Aligning the workforce
Fitting the Person to the Job


  • A Business Solutions Company

    Innovative Concepts & Change uses an organization development approach to help clients find solutions to problems, issues, or challenges. Our approach is to help leadership/management that is cost-effective to "turn their strategy into action".

Featured Skills

  • Organizational Development skills help leadership/management to be successful!
  • Training/Facilitation skills bringing clarity to complex issues.
  • Coaching skills to help individual to improve their interpersonal and other skills.
  • Leadership Development - coaching for new executives


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