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Ron Hiller  CEO
Ron Hiller CEO

Ron is a Wiley certified PXT Select™ Professional who has been helping organizations make smarter and simpler hiring decisions since 2003.

Have you ever asked yourself "Why am I hiring for this position again"?

It feels like a scene out of Ground Hog Day or Gordon Lightfoot's chorus from Sundown comes to mind - ain't it a sin when you feel like you're winning but you're losing again.

You are hiring again for the General Manager position which you filled just over a year ago. You thought you had made a great hire and now you’re back at the starting gate. You had two one on one interviews, and a panel interview with peers and the candidate aced them. Where did you go wrong? You didn’t go wrong, you just lacked the right tool.

You had no way to know that the candidate preferred to work alone and that he lacked tact with customers and team members or that you both would have so many working style differences and areas of conflict? But if you had the right tool – The PXT Select™ you could have known.

The comprehensive selection report would have provided alerts and behavioral based questions to probe the areas where the candidate's attributes were outside the sweet spot of the job's customized performance model built around your top performers.

The employee manager report would have shone a light on areas of compatibility and differences between both working styles with tips for building synergy.

Your take away from this experience should be that relying strictly on interviews is fraught with risk.

There is always the Halo effect in play, and the candidate's ability to game the interview.

Then there is the interview confusion syndrome. Interview three or more candidates and they all seem to have similar yet varying and off setting strengths. You may even end up with two candidates that appear on the surface to be tied for the position, yet behaviorally one on them may be far more suited to the job. So how will you make your decision?

The PXT Select multiple candidate report stack ranks multiple candidates for the same position and had you run this report a year ago you might have discovered a candidate who had a much better fit for the role and a more compatible working style with yourself.

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  • In the two years working with Ron, I have found him to be very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I can recommend anybody to partner with Ron without any hesitation.

    William Greese CEO



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  • Application of Normative Assessments and Performance Modelling in the selection process.
  • Consulting on the application of best performance management practices.
  • Applying applicant tracking software in compliance with EEOC guidelines.


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