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James Newman
James Newman, President

With decades of experience in manufacturing management, James Newman has felt the profitable excitement from creating a culture of success through staffing with good job-fits/top performers; and has felt the “no-fun” challenge of attending to poor job-fits/performers.
His manufacturing experience was fabricating structural and miscellaneous steel for the construction industry where he had achieved over 20 years of experience as a Division Vice President. A couple of his favorite project memories are furnishing the stairs and railings for Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers), and furnishing the structural steel for the highly unique University of Toledo Art Building at the Toledo Museum of Art designed by world renown Frank Gehry.
Organizational development was an exciting and rewarding achievement that motivated the establishment of JAN Associates, LLC in 2003. Helping leverage the value of “win-win” that is achieved by staffing with good job-fits is exciting, rewarding, and fun.
Jim has achieved a Bachelor of Science in Industrial/Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo, and Masters of Science in Business Administration from Indiana University.
We coach the assessment process. We make the transition to using PXT Select™ assessment products and assessment system easy. The PXT Select™ products and system are user friendly, and JAN Associates, LLC is a friendly partner in coaching the process.

Testimonials For JAN Associates, LLC

  • JAN Associates, LLC has consistently provided excellent service with a “let’s find a way to make it happen” attitude.

    Charles Cook Charles Cook, R.S. Cook and Associates, Inc.
  • I have found JAN Associates, LLC to be very helpful, and right on target when helping us use the assessments. In a time of turnover in my department, JAN Associates, LLC came to my rescue and was extremely responsive and supportive!

    Lynn Schnepp Director of Human Resources, Automotive Manufacturing
  • I enjoy developing the assessment process to effectively help identify top performers.

    Marne Davies HR manager, Kapnick Insurance Group
  • JAN Associates, LLC has provided effective support in identifying top performing sales representatives for our organization. The website is user friendly and the reports created once a Performance Sales Assessment has been completed, help emphasize the key areas of specialization we are looking for in a sales representative.

    John VP Sales, The Hillman Group


  • We offer a full suite of assessment tools and hands-on guidance

    JAN Associates, LLC provides assessment tools that support the leadership of organizational development. Assessment tools that can help identify top performers for hiring or promoting, help avoid hiring problem employees, or help coach to top performance.

  • Achieving a top perfroming work culture

    Support for a top performing work culture can be achieved through focusing on good job fits. Effective assessment tools can help identify top performers for hiring, and workforce/team development. Top performers are good job fits. Studies have shown top performers dramatically out produce mediocre or poor performers.

    ~Discover and understand the personal challenges and opportunities of fitting in well
    ~Fitting in well supports pathways to success
    ~Problem employees do not fit in well
    ~A good job fit is a “win-win” for the employee and the employer
    ~Staffing with good job-fits supports work culture harmony
    ~The closest thing to a “magic pill” for avoiding organizational ills is an effective assessment tool

  • Providing opportunity for personal development

    The ability to learn and the ability to change are the two most critical abilities for achieving success in today’s fast changing world. The concept is brimming with opportunity for personal and organizational gain.

    ~Performance challenges are opportunities for change
    ~Achieve personal performance feedback
    ~Benchmark performance
    ~Develop strategies for performance improvement
    ~Discover and understanding personal strengths to leverage more value from them
    ~Discover and understanding weaknesses as a catalyst for improvement