Helping leaders build their business and business build their leaders.

Are you filling a job or hiring the right person? Big difference.

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Helping leaders build their business and business build their leaders.
Helping leaders build their business and business build their leaders.

Established in 1998, Jill Hickman Companies provides training, coaching and consulting solutions for clients that span the globe and include industry giants for whom talent management is a top priority. Augmenting our assessment, training, and development services, Jill Hickman Companies provides coaching and consulting services to executive leaders, creating corporate universities and facilitating strategic planning retreats for teams and boards. As an independent consulting firm, we fervently research the best practices and resources in talent development to better serve our clients. In addition to our own proprietary programs, we expand our service offerings to include other top brand name products through rigorous certification and authorized distributor processes, continuously providing the best of the best for our clients. Our solutions grow leaders at all levels, encompassing all career paths within organizations, from front-line employees to executives. We help leaders build their business and business build their leaders with the power of PXT Select.

With the expansion of our Authorized Partner Network outside of the great state of Texas, we now have a consultant available in the greater Nashville, TN area who is available to meet with you in person to discuss and review your needs. Our growing network enables us to have excellent resources available and locally accessible for you!

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The Human Side of Selection

Testimonials For Jill Hickman Companies

  • “I really appreciate all of your help with this recruiting, and everything in the past few months (and always!). You have been a great guide to me and a true mentor!!”

    HR Recruiter
  • “I enjoyed the selection process and think you did a great job. Maybe between the HR Manager and what you stressed to us, I will be more tactful and effective in the hiring process. You are very professional and do good work. I could use more employees like you."

  • “Hi,Jill and Cara! I wanted to send you both a great thank you for assisting me in my career search. I am excited about this new position, and I am positive that I made the right choice in coming here. “

    New Manager
  • PXT Select is GREAT! The reports show how the applicant compares to other applicants, how to coach them when hired, and much more than previous assessments we used! PXT Select has definitely helped me understand my new hires and how to manage them. It’s true “you get what you pay for” and PXT Select is worth every penny!! I am a lifer!

    Hannah Booker, Service Manager MARLO Company


  • Selecting Top Talent

    How do you ensure that you give a "hard pass" on the applicants that are not a fit for the position? How do you ensure that you don't overlook the top talent that may instead end up being hired by your competitor? It's a vexing situation for hiring managers and recruiters if all that they rely upon is their gut feeling in an interview. With PXT Select, you'll gain an objective analysis of the candidate's fit for the position and eliminate the guess work! 100's of Performance Models are available within the Performance Library and more can be customized to fit your specific position requirements. Especially helpful for hiring managers, this report provides tailored Interview Questions and tips on “what to listen for” based on the candidate’s assessment results.

    Additionally, the Coaching Report offers hiring managers an insider's view of the applicant in the position, if hired. For example, How much coaching, direction and time will this person need to learn the job upon hiring?


    The Human Side of Selection
  • Add POWER to Your Sales Force!

    The cost of a bad SALES hire is 10X more than any other bad hire showing up in lost opportunities, angry customers, and frustrated service providers. PXT offers a suite of sales-focused selection and development reports tailored to help organizations hire and retain top sales talent. Combined with the entire PXT Select suite, the Sales Reports provide powerful insights to identify and develop sales talent, creating a rich experience for both salespeople and their employers.The Sales Selection Report helps identify a candidate's fit to a role. It features dynamic interview questions to help strengthen the overall hiring process. With a focus on sales language, this report highlights critical sales practices and describes how a candidate might demonstrate them, helping you select the right salespeople for your organization. The Coaching Report provides tailored coaching guidance, giving managers personalized tips and strategies to develop their sales teams members.

  • How Will This Candidate Mesh with Your Existing Team?

    See how a potential candidate fits an existing team, or address your current team’s dynamics and strengths. The Team Report is a powerful tool for onboarding, development, and selection. This report will help you:
    • Gain insight into team culture and address your team’s dynamics.
    • Uncover how a new employee might impact a team.


    The Human Side of Selection
  • Improving Manager-Employee Relationships

    Employees don't leave their jobs, they leave their supervisors! The number one reason for employee disengagement is a poor relationship with the immediate supervisor. Help managers discover how they can work more effectively with their employees. A strong relationship between a manager and employee can make a big difference in the workplace. The Manager-Employee Report helps managers:
    • Start off on the right foot with new employees or improve relationships with current employees.
    • Build an understanding of how they approach the job of supervising others and how an employee prefers to be managed.

  • Comparing Multiple Candidates to One Position

    When multiple candidates are being considered for one position, PXT Select provides an at-a-glance report for a convenient visual to compare all candidate results at one time.

    The Multiple Candidates Report helps to:
    • Easily compare the Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, and Interests of multiple candidates on one document.
    • Compare the fit percentages for each candidate against the same position’s Performance Model.


    The Human Side of Selection
  • Preparing Employee Career Development Paths

    Want to retain top talent? Providing career paths and developmental opportunities within those paths is a key employee engagement factor. Take the guesswork out with PXT Select. With the Multiple Positions Report, managers can help identify career options for employees and plan developmental activities accordingly.

    Which positions might be best for a particular individual? Compare a candidate or employee to multiple jobs in your organization with this report. This report is useful for both selection and development. The report shows how aligned an individual is to different positions in the organization.

    Use the Multiple Positions Report to:
    • Find the best position for a candidate by comparing him or her to several open positions in your organization.
    • Understand how current employees align with other positions in the organization and help prepare them for future roles within the organization.

  • Coaching Employees at All Levels

    Wish you had coaching advice tailored to each employee? This report gives you exactly that and more! Coaching and developing across an organization can be challenging. The Coaching Report equips with you tailored tips to:
    • Coach a new employee to his or her full potential.
    • Help current employees identify their challenges and improve job performance.

  • NEW!! Leadership Report in Beta Testing Stage

    We are very excited to be participating in Wiley's new beta testing program of PXT Select's newest release of the Leadership Report. As with all reports provided within PXT Select, once a candidate has completed the PXT Select assessment, all reports are at no additional charge!

    Take a peek inside the beta Leadership Report, and you'll soon see why we are so eager to demonstrate the power of this new release. Utilized with the Selection report and a Performance Model to evaluate the candidate's match to specific job characteristics, the Leadership Report provides additional insight into the candidate.