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Jan Vincent
Jan Vincent, President & CEO, JV Consulting Human Asset Management

Welcome to JV Consulting Human Asset Management! We are committed to improving your productivity and profits by helping you select the right candidates for your open positions, and assisting managers and employees to better understand each other and create high-performing workforces. We have over 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate business experience helping organizations successfully select, hire, coach, motivate, develop, promote and retain the right people.

Over many years, we have learned that if we understand your business and your goals, make reasonable and conservative recommendations, and ensure that you follow through properly, you will experience great benefits.

We can deliver services to companies with 15 or 50,000 employees and provide an unmatched level of personalized support and customized design. Expect to receive a return from 10 to 1,000 times your investment in our services. You can be confident that the value we bring to your organization will far exceed cost. Our broad business experience, combined with state-of-the-art research and delivery expertise, is your assurance that what we recommend and what we deliver will be effective in maximizing your human capital and improving your profits.

★ Hire the Right Person For the Right Job!
★ Bring Out The Best In Your Employees!
★ Increase Your Profits!

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Testimonials For JV Consulting Human Asset Management

  • It has been a pleasure to work with Jan to improve selection and development of our key leaders & staff. Jan’s use of scientifically validated assessments and her extensive talent management and business coaching experience have helped us to avoid hiring mistakes and assisted our leaders to understand more about themselves and those they manage.

    N. Craig Bass President & CEO, Alexander Youth Network
  • It's a great combination of high tech and high touch, as Jan is accessible and responsive to our managers to help them improve their own performance and that of their team members. Jan’s approach is highly customizable and adaptive. I wholeheartedly recommend Jan Vincent and JV Consulting Human Asset Management.

    N. Craig Bass President & CEO Alexander Youth Network
  • We recognized early on that Jan cares deeply about providing the best talent management guidance. For improved hiring, the performance models she created for Ralph Lauren, William Demant, etc. set a standard of excellence for job roles and helped us identify candidates who are the best match - saving a great deal of time, energy & money.

    Carl Huttenberger Regional Human Resource Manager, Amazon
  • With Jan’s help, we learned that the interview alone simply is not enough. It is clear that having PXT objective data adds immensely to making strong hiring decisions; as well as enhancing the development of new hires and incumbents. And, if this isn’t enough, Jan is easy and a joy to work with. There’s no going back!”

    Carl Huttenberger Regional Human Resource Manager, Amazon


  • Guidance Across the Entire Talent Management Spectrum

    We aim to earn your trust as we advise you across the entire talent management spectrum from help with recruiting, selection and hiring, onboarding, employee development, enhancing team communication, creating customer service excellence, analyzing competency gaps, leadership & sales development ... all the way to workforce and succession planning.

    We customize our approach based on your organization's needs and what you tell us is your primary concern(s).

  • Selection & Hiring

    When interviewing candidates, or incumbents for promotion, are you seeing the whole picture or just the tip of the iceberg? Great organizations know that success begins with hiring and developing the right people.

    One of our key tools is PXT Select™. This multi-purpose instrument will empower you to navigate the competitive talent landscape with assurance and ease. Too many organizations make critical hiring decisions based solely on impressions, or that "gut" feeling, rather than relying on objective, predictive data that will tell you how individuals are wired at their core, their job match, relevant interview questions, and what you can expect BEFORE you make the hire.

  • Leadership & Sales Development

    Do they have what it takes to lead?
    Do they have specific critical sales behaviors to hit sales out of the park?
    Our work will help you get answers to these questions.

  • Enhancing Team Communication

    Is their communication and work style adding to or subtracting from their performance? Let's find out!

  • Creating Customer Service Excellence

    Are your customer service professionals aligned to your company values? Are they providing "knock your socks off" customer service? If they are not, your organization could be losing revenue. Let's fix that now!