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HAVE YOU EVER HIRED SOMEONE THAT DIDN'T WORK OUT? We can almost eliminate that problem. For employee JOB MATCH use the PXT Select for hiring and promotions, and it includes succession planning, increase sales, help managers develop their coaching and employee development skills, and TEAM-BUILDING.

OTHER PRODUCTS: We also help organizations hire for reliability-integrity-work ethic (ask for the 15-minute pre-employment tool called SOS), we can supply you with skill tests like MS Word, Excel, etc. And as an Authorized Partner, we can supply you with Everything DiSC training and certification, and The Five Behaviors of a Team training and certification. Ask us about the most cost effective online (ATS) applicant tracking system in the industry.

In today's economy, organizations can increase profitability in a couple of ways. First: You have to put the right people in a job that they enjoy, working for a boss that motivates them, and in an organization that they work hard to help grow. Then, an organization can either increase sales, or reduce expenses to be more profitable... We can help you to do both.

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  • With the PXT, our managers have been able to more effectively hire and feel very secure in their use of the PXT Selection tool. The PXT allows us to hire the “right talent for the right job at the right time.”

    Robin, HR Leader, Gaming and Entertainment Industry


  • Learn how we help you to make better selecion decisons

    Here is an example of how the report targets a position need:
    For employees in this position, the interest results are focused in the Enterprising, People Service and
    Technical themes. Enterprising describes activities that involve persuading other people and People
    Service suggests that this contact with others drives their performance in a positive way. They may be drawn into situations in which they can help people in an advisory capacity. Their Technical interests indicate they may prefer an analytically-oriented work setting which also fits with the role of advisor this pattern suggests.

PXT Select™ Certification

Want to make an impact in your company? With the PXT Select™ Expert Practitioner Certification, you can become your organization’s PXT Select expert advisor by learning how to utilize and implement this powerful solution to help you select, onboard, coach and develop your employees to perform their jobs successfully. This certification is the best resource for gaining foundational knowledge and practical experience to implement PXT Select in your organization.

Our online 3-week course gives you the flexibility of self-paced learning paired with a live virtual classroom experience designed to build your confidence and competence in using PXT Select in your organization. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive the credential of PXT Select Certified Practitioner. Certified Practitioners who are also SHRM credential-holders also have the opportunity to earn 12 professional development credits (PDC) from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Program components:

  • Self-directed online learning.
  • Three weekly 90-minute, instructor-led virtual sessions.
  • A Capstone presentation project to synthesize your learning.
  • A final certification exam.

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  • Employee Selection, Retention, and Development
  • Team-building and training / retreat sessions available
  • Applicant Tracking programs help get more and better candidates


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