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Brian F. Gagan
Brian F. Gagan, Founder and President


Since 1992 our client engagements have resulted in increased enterprise speed, elimination of workflow roadblocks, enterprise and market share expansion, human productivity growth, reduced operating expense, revenue and margin improvement, human capital risk elimination, international business growth, reduction of non-contributory labor expenses, and mitigation of marginal organizational and human capital systems and habits as some examples.

We are experts at Inefficiency Elimination and Distraction Mitigation so that 2 of the most detrimental human capital forces arrayed against business may be eliminated. Most of what we do is improve financial and operating results in partnership with our clients, as reflected in P&L’s and key stakeholder minds.

We would be pleased to speak with you when you find yourself attempting to see around corners and through walls beyond which exist the human capital and operational quandaries facing many businesses and industries around the world on an increasingly frequent and damaging basis.

For some recent examples of how we have recently improved client business outcomes in 14 countries, usually in short order, please visit our Proven Solutions here.

Testimonials For Leadership Strategies LLC

  • Human Capital based upon financial performance principles...I assumed it did not exist until Leadership Strategies arrived.

    Chief Financial Officer, $45 B revenue, 2016.
  • Our biggest challenges were our own destructive company habits that none of us really we were hiring, how we were rewarding managers and senior executives, how we were setting objectives, how we were running around in circles, and most of slow we had become.

    CEO, $28 B revenue, 2015.
  • You all have had a magnificent impact on this bank over a short period of time. I never thought we would rid ourselves of the problems you and I talked about only 4 months ago. This has actually been very fun working with you.

    Chairman of the Board, $200 M assets, 2016.
  • On my way home last night "Getting Better" by The Beatles was on the radio, and it made me think about how things are going here with your assistance. Thanks.

    Chief Human Resources Officer, $12 B revenue, 2017.
  • What we were being charged over a million dollars per month for by by that huge consulting firm was solved by you for less than $35,000 over only 3 months. Thank you for stopping our problem and that firm's problem at the same time.

    Chief Financial Officer, $21 B revenue, 1995.


  • Having the right people in the right jobs, entry level to executive level, is crucial. (CLICK)

    PXT Select helps you hire ONLY the right people. It will improve the brand, efficiency and financial performance of your enterprise, and improve your ability to select, on-board, develop and grow the measurable capabilities of all employees and executives within your organization so that you may:

    > Know with certainty any person's thinking style, behaviors and interests, and whether they have the capability to contribute to your enterprise mission...or not.
    > Identify ways to enhance performance and maximize any individual’s capabilities.
    > Identify individuals who are prone to non-performance.
    > Avoid the common trap of hiring for "fit" while then firing for "performance".
    > Hire much more capable managers and executives.
    > Reduce turnover and training costs.
    > Know who the fastest learners are.
    > Create much more productive teams, with reduced overhead and variable expense.
    > Minimize human conflicts.
    > Reduce labor and G&A expenses.
    > Hire the best and avoid the rest

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