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Lois Sonstegard, Ph.D.
Hire smart, Retain, and Promote Intelligently

Hiring the right person for a job is one of the most important things an organization does. Thinking through the hiring process and the bandwidth within which an organization wants an individual to work is important to the organization and the individual. It enables fit. Once hired, the process only begins. Onboarding is critical. Understanding how to support and effectively onboard increases the success of the new hire and increases an organization's ability to integrate the individual into the workplace. PXT's coaching suggestions are invaluable in helping organizations to effectively onboard.
PXT is also a tremendous asset when looking to promote. The interview suggestions are time-saving and enable a carefully targeted approach. Once promoted, coaching suggestions can be very useful to the manager.

Do You Have the Right Person In the Job?
85% of People are Overwhelmed at Work
9 of 10 Millennials are not Engaged


  • Developing Talent

    Today, workers, especially millennial workers, have made it clear that one of the most important factors for them to be interested in a company and to stay in that company is based upon the organization's ability to develop them. Gallup finds that development is one of the most important items for employee retention and engagement. PXT provides a beginning discussion around this.


    Do You Have Right People in Jobs
    Patients Happy But Staff is Leaving?
  • Hiring Right--The Essentials for HR

    It is costly to recruit and hire the wrong person for a job. Hiring right is hiring smart . PXT provides a systematic way for approaching the hiring process--from recruitment, interviewing, to onboarding. It is an understandable system and one which all levels of the organization can use.

  • Onboartding

    Effectivee onboarding is critical to setting the tone for how the new hire will approach their work, assimilate and become productive. A hiring process is not complete until an individual is onboarded. The coaching suggestions that are offered through the PXT assessmetnt is a great tool from which HR can work in developing an employee specific on-boarding process.