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Talent Focus Consulting assists businesses of any size in any industry with making better decisions regarding selection and development of their most important asset...their people! We believe that putting the right people in the right jobs and then continuing a focus on their development equates to greater job satisfaction, greater productivity, happier employees and translates to better employee engagement! We carefully listen to our clients and identify customized solutions that improve their unique conditions and create work environments that inspire their teams and lead to success.

We believe that the best decisions are made based on business intelligence and we assist our clients in obtaining the kind of information often missing when organizations are making important decisions regarding their human resources. Our methodologies are proven to be effective. Whether you engage us to improve your hiring and selection, to conduct some employee development, or to conduct leadership and team training, our goal is to give our clients an eye opening “wow” experience that leads to their future success!

The Human Side of Selection
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Testimonials For Talent Focus Consulting

  • I recently utilized tools and guidance from TFC in an executive coaching project. Both my client and I found the experience engaging and powerful! The tools allowed my coaching to focus on very specific areas for growth and opened productive dialogue .We have set a foundation for the future and this was groundbreaking. I love it!

    Jeff Foley-Brigadier General US Army (retired) President-Laurel Mountain Solutions, LLC
  • Kelly Mallek is a customer focused OD professional who provides a full range of organizational assessments. From candidate selection and team strengths to leadership skills and customized development plans. Kelly provides a customized approach to measuring leadership and team effectiveness.

    Kimberly Perry, PHD, PCC Leadership Development Manager at Talen Energy
  • "I was thoroughly surprised to find a comprehensive firm like TFC in this market. The premium service and professionalism provided throughout the process by TFC was parallel to much larger firms. Representatives from TFC were essential in coaching me. Their actions exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend TFC."

    Tyrone Ellis VP Global Integrated Supply Chain, Club Car-USA
  • Working with Talent Focus Consulting has given Tanglewood Conservatories so much insight into how to make the right choice when hiring the right candidate. TFC is on the ball helping me get turned around in a hurry making sure we choose the right assessment. Great follow through with information to help our new hires. Keep up the good work TFC!

    Sheryl Neighoff Human Resources & Finance Tanglewood Conservatories
  • "Talent Focus Consulting has been an ideal partner for our candidate assessment needs as an executive search firm. In short time, Ms. Mallek has become a trusted resource and ally to our entire team by providing continual attention to address our client’s needs. Her ability to provide clarity to the assessmenttool’s findings has allowed our clien

    Michael Quick Vice President, Client Relations & Business Development Quick Leonard Kieffer


  • Employee Selection and Onboarding

    “You Could Have Known”
    Have you ever hired someone you were convinced was a superstar and once in the job they under-performed or didn’t live up to your expectations? Talent Focus Consulting utilizes the PXT Select to help our clients fill the gap between the resume, the interview process and actual performance. This powerful tool helps to match a candidate’s talents and skill sets to a specific position in their organization and culture. PXT Select gives the hiring manager confidence and guidance with tailored interview questions for each individual candidate along with tips on "what to listen for”. Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement!

  • Coaching & Development

    Talent Focus Consulting utilizes the unique PXT Select assessment tool for selection and for employers to understand an employee. PXT Select also provides valuable information to the individual. The feedback provided to the employee about themselves will help them to achieve greater success in their work endeavors and lead to satisfaction with their job. The Coaching Report give a supervisor a deeper understanding of an employee and identifies potential challenge areas. Reporting includes valuable information to a manager specifically “What You Need to Know” , “Management Tips”, and “Bottom Line” analysis tailored for training and developing that employee. Finally everyone has preferences for how they want to be managed. Managers also have a preferred style of their own. The Manager-Employee Report helps understand these preferences comparing the employee and managers tendencies with specific suggestions for working more effectively together.

  • Leadership Development

    PXT Select enables a leader to continually become more effective at not only selecting the right talent for their organizations, but by providing specific, powerful coaching and development tools to lead their teams. A leader will learn more about themselves and how they relate to their staff, how they tend to handle conflict, adapt to change, their desired interaction with others and their communication style just to name a few. Information is valuable and being able to provide specific detailed information to a leader designed to help them be more effective is invaluable!

  • Team Building

    Talent Focus Consulting utilizes the PXT Select assessment tool as part of our team building services. The PXT Select Team Report is designed to give our clients a deeper understanding of their team by allowing them to easily see how each person behaviorally compares to the team leader and one another. The result is an increased understanding in how the teammates differ in behavioral tendencies to better address daily interactions and conflict resolution.

  • Succession Planning

    Does your company have a plan in place that allows for upward mobility for your employees, or opportunities for them to move to other areas of the organization where their talents align? We use the PXT Select tool as part of our succession planning service offering. Having a game plan in place to account for different scenarios requires a lot of forward thinking. Using the PXT Select with your individual employees and management team is an integral and valuable piece to that puzzle. Having a “play book” on each individual gives our clients the advantage of being able to not only help match an employee to a new open position within their organization but also to match them with a specific manager, a specific team and even give you the best match to 1 position/several employees and or several employees/one position.

  • Hire and Develop Strong Sales Teams

    Make your hiring decisions for sales positions in your company SIMPLER AND SMARTER with PXT Select for Sales. The cost of hiring a poor performer or mediocre individual to fill a critical sales role in your organization can be disastrous! PXT Select equips companies with actionable candidate data to help them interview, hire, and secure the right people for the sales position in your company. PXT Select fills the gap between the resume and the interview. This assessment is so powerful it can be used throughout the selection, hiring and training process and throughout the employee life cycle. Sales specific reports include data on prospecting, initiating contact, building and maintaining relationships, closing the sale, self starting, resourcefulness, coach ability and working with a team. One assessment with access to a full suite of reports.