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About Us

Jennifer Long
Your Authorized & Certified Agents of Change

Our mission is a simple one. We believe that everyone should have a fantastic manager and leader – work for one, be one, or sometimes both. So we partner with companies to help hire and develop outstanding (highly skilled, relationship-centered) managers and leaders.

At Management:Possible® we believe that your people are the heart and soul of your business.
We believe that workplace relationships matter and that everyone you hire is not just an investment but an extension of your mission. We believe your management team is responsible for a lot of the heavy lifting that makes your company a screaming success. And we believe your leadership team is responsible for a compelling vision and effective strategy to realize real growth, real change or both – creating the future of your organization.

Don’t just be in business. Be brilliant!

We are here to take your outstanding, top-notch, high-performing management and leadership potential and make it possible.


  • Silent Partner™ Totally Personalized Professional Development Coaching Packages

    Coaching provides insight and discipline in real time and clearly identifies goals and performance gaps in the context of your manager’s job, the context of a learning initiative, and the context of the organizational goals.

    The PXT Select provides a unique and significant level insight and self-awareness for your manager as part of the coaching experience.

    Coaches are quickly able to assess learning and development needs and formulate a development plan designed to challenge your manager or leader as well as deliver a return to the organization within as little as 12 weeks.

    What We Do:
    Provide clearly defined understanding of coaching engagement.
    Provide a strictly confidential, deliberate process of observation, inquiry, dialogue and discovery.
    Deliver and manage a continuous process of challenge, learning, assignments, reflection and practice.
    Report back with an effective method of measuring outcomes (return on investment, behavior change, skill mastery, business).

  • Team Horsepower – Higher Team Performance and Reduced Team Conflict

    Most work today is done through teamwork – many departments depend on each other to produce top-tier products. Teams have more potential than individuals to rise to the growing current and future challenges that face your organization. They are key to having a smooth-running organization.

    The PXT Select Team Report is a powerful tool to understand and address team dynamics, illuminating untapped potential leverage for higher productivity as well as understanding as to what and why conflict may be present and unnecessarily holding your team back.

    What We Do:
    Assess the entire team using PXT Select.
    Provide a personalized debrief of results.
    Generate a deeper sense of self-awareness for each team member.
    Facilitate team dialogue around team behavior and performance.
    Demystify team conflict.
    Coach team leaders on how to operate more effectively in the role.
    Coach team members on how to effectively engage in constructive conflict.

  • Simplify Your Hiring – Hiring Essentials for HR

    PXT Select helps make hiring decisions simpler and smarter. The online assessment measures a candidates thinking style, behavioral traits and interests – the three areas that impact performance.

    The PXT Select offers a portfolio of reports for selection, on-boarding, coaching and development illuminating candidate fit both within a specific job role and with a potential manager.

    What’s Included:
    Full suite of reports that enhance selection, on-boarding, coaching and development, team dynamics, and conflict.
    Scientifically validated library of Performance Models covering a vast range of jobs.
    Interview questions based on Performance Models and individual assessment results.
    Reports written for individual candidates, managers and teams.

    What We Do:
    Training and Certification for Assessment Center and Report use.
    Fully support you while you learn and for as long as you use your Assessment Center
    Help you create Performance Models
    Keep you fully updated