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Tracy Mullin, Sr. Consultant and President

Tracy Mullin, MHROD, Sr. Consultant & President, is a results-oriented business leader with over 30 years of professional experience in Human Resources, Training and Organizational Development and over 20 years of leadership experience and demonstrated success in diverse business environments. She has worked in both union and non-union food manufacturing facilities, customer service and call center organizations, transportation and warehousing environments, consumer finance and banking facilities, and retail operations.

Tracy has successfully managed the development and implementation of improvement projects within a variety of organizational structures... centralized, matrix, decentralized and virtual. In each of these environments, she has demonstrated a consistent track record facilitating measurable improvement on business results.

She has designed, developed and implemented comprehensive blended learning and management certification programs to support over 5,000 management positions nationally located at over 400 sites.

Tracy has taught and coached managers and leaders how to retain, develop and motivate employees for over 20 years. Her business experience prior to owning her own company was at General Mills as a Human Resource Manager, a Human Resource Director of a medium-size local manufacturing and sales organization, a Director of Retail Management Development for Best Buy Co., Inc. and AVP, Training and Organizational Development for ITT Consumer Finance.

Tracy has a Master degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development (MHROD) and a Bachelor degree (BA) in Business. She is a certified "Master Trainer" and an Authorized Partner with each of her affiliates.

She is committed to making a difference in the lives of the employees she touches and organizations they serve.

MTM Performance Solutions, Inc. has been certified as a female-owned business by the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Testimonials For MTM Performance Solutions, Inc.

  • "Tracy practices what she preaches - unleashing the greatness from within. If your company needs improved performance management, talent management support, or organizational development, she will show you how to unleash the greatness from within your organization. She will coach and mentor you, helping to drive toward your intended results."

    Gabe, Training & Organizational Development Leader Government
  • "We were looking to fill a General Manager position for Technology Campus; we were swamped with eligible applicants. Tracy was able to quickly narrow the field down to five top candidates; saving me an enormous amount of time. Of the five top candidates she recommended, each were found to be very qualified for the position."

    James, President Technology Campus
  • "As our firm’s hiring and human resource needs grew, we needed a seasoned professional to enhance our existing processes. Tracy and her team provided the expertise we needed to bring our firm to the next level in a critical time frame. Her guidance has been essential to our growth strategies and related personnel needs."

    Joel, Partner CPA firm
  • "MTM Performance Solutions has done a great job to help us develop a Human Resource program which promises to make a significant contribution to the future success of our companies. Tracy Mullin has been a highly effective communicator and brings many years of valuable experience which has already made a huge impact."

    Scott, VP Administration Diverse Family-owned Businesses


  • Hiring for "Fit"

    We have tools that can provide your leaders additional information to make the most informed choice when hiring to ensure the right “Fit” for the job and the company. Our tools provide leadership coaching tips for those employees hired and help leaders support Career Path development for employees and Succession Plans for the organization.

  • Managing Talent

    Talent Management defines the entire Employee Life Cycle of hiring, onboarding, development and retention. The key to a successful Talent Management program is to integrate behavioral science, simplicity, accountability and transparency into practices that accelerate the development of talent. We can help you do that.

    We have developed an integrated Talent Management process and provided support for implementation across a geographically distributed organization, using various tools like a Critical Position and Risk Analysis, Remote Position Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Knowledge Transfer, Human Resource Staffing Strategies, Talent Reviews using the 9 Box Matrix Comparison Tool and many others.

  • Developing Leaders

    We can assist you to create or update your organizational leadership program or assess, train, and coach your leaders through programs like: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Coaching Employees and other programs to build initiative and commitment to action.

    Our Coaching tools provide resources to leaders to effectively work with their employees.

  • Implementing Change

    Every change-related project should have several key components that can ensure a successful outcome. We can help you identify strategies in how to proceed based on where you are and where you want to go.

  • Coaching Individuals

    We can assess management and leadership skills, help leaders individually create an Individual Development Plan, along with regular coaching sessions to assist leaders in achieving the goals they establish. We can also coach other staff in the organization or those being separated.