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Arun Channan
Arun Channan, MASc, MBA, P.Eng., CSP

We believe that business leaders like you deserve good, objective information on your people based on the best behavioral science and technology. Before you hire someone you should be able to predict their behaviors and be confident that they will fit the job they are being hired for. You also want your leaders to coach and lead their staff so that they are highly engaged and highly productive. You want leaders who can lead.
Our tools and processes help you:
1. Select and hire the best fit candidates for your specific roles,
2. Coach and lead existing staff to their fullest potential by working with them in ways that they get, and,
3. Train and enhance your leaders’ skills to lead.
Independent research shows that when skilled staff is matched to their job requirements there is a 64% difference in output between non-producers and superior producers. In the leadership tier there is an incredible 96% difference between non-producing managers and their superior peers!
Your peers have also enjoyed better retention: in high turnover industries people stay twice as long when they are matched to their jobs; while in low turnover industries they stay as much as 5 times longer!

Testimonials For myndwerx

  • ...thank Profiles for their excellent work on the study we have been using with the Lens Care Group. These are the 45 sales representatives who took a product line from $80,000 per month [or a million a year] to $1 million a month in six months. They projected $7 million the first year and ended up at $10.5 million...

    SJO, President Global Lens Care
  • ...when we signed up for the Profiles XT system 3 years ago, we had high hopes, but no illusions that it would be the solution to everything. On two occasions, we chose to ignore the red flags that came up in the reports, only to conclude later that the assessment had been spot-on all along. We intend to use ProfileXT for years to come...

    Evert Akkerman DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd
  • ...customized the PXT test so it captured the essence of the characteristics we needed. ...provided insights into the applicants personalities & behaviors that we hadn't previously considered...results also showed differences between the applicants so we had a better idea of how they compared...service provided by Arun went above & beyond ou

    M.E., President Entrepreneurs ' Organization Toronto


  • Identify and Retain TOP Performers

    Make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter.

    Use the PXT Select™ assessment tool to fill the gap between the resume and the interview. Get a clear picture of a candidate's DNA :
    - CAN they do the job - their Thinking Style,
    - HOW will they do the job - their Behaviours,
    - WILL they do the job - their Interests.
    Download a sample report or brochure below.

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  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Talent Management
  • Sales Coaching and Training
  • Keynotes
  • Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Sales Process
  • Performance Management


  • Certified Sales Professional
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