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Dave Newton, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MBA

Our mission is to help organizations and the people within those organizations achieve their goals through optimal leadership and human resource practices.

We believe that high levels of organizational performance are the result of qualified and engaged people who have been given the direction and resources they need to succeed.

We provide clients with effective tools – and help in using them – to give our clients the information they need to make the best possible decisions to achieve their business goals.

Since its inception in 1994, Hospitality Resources has provided a variety of Human Resource services to clients, including assessments, employee surveys (both on-line and paper), and HR consulting.

A large number of our clients are in gaming and hospitality and we have developed a special expertise in those fields.

Hospitality Resources’ success is based on the personalized support we provide our clients and the real-world experience we bring to the table. Drawing on our extensive human resource and operational experience, we offer in-depth understanding of needs, customized interventions, and personal attention to all details.

The company operates under the value of “strategic partnership,” creating strong long-term relationships with clients and striving to provide extraordinary value and service.

When you work with Hospitality Resources, you work with the company owners, not sales people or account executives. And the principals at Hospitality Resources have extensive successful real life experience in hospitality in both operations and human resources, so you work with people who understand the challenges and realities of the industry.

Testimonials For Hospitality Resources

  • Dave is an inspirational leader, a creative problem solver, and a tireless advocate for doing the right things for the right reasons. If you are serious about improving your team’s performance, satisfaction and results, and you need a guiding light, then call Dave Newton.

    Niall Murray Managing Director, Premier Hospitality Management
  • Dave is a great leader who uses cutting edge techniques to cultivate a productive and successful work environment. With Dave, you get positive results and have a good time achieving them.

    Mary Ann Price Court Information Office, Eighth Judicial District Court
  • Dave worked with the management team at the Lucky Eagle Casino on several projects. He brought a wealth of knowledge, organization, planning, and expertise that put us on a path of long lasting success. His kindness and people strong style contributed greatly to our culture…and a foundation of great guest service.

    Mae Wheelwright HR Leader


  • Pre-employment Assessment for Managers, Sales and Key Staff

    The PXT Select™ is a new and powerful tool that will help you to make smarter hiring decisions.

    It will give you a clear picture of each candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests, giving you a meaningful edge in deciding which candidate will be the best performer on the job.

    The PXT Select makes your interview more focused and valuable in really understanding the candidate. It will help you identify both strengths and areas of concern to focus on in the interview. It suggests interview questions and “what to listen for” in the candidate’s answers based on their assessment results.

    It will help you match people with positions in which they’ll perform well and enjoy what they do.

    Managers have a major impact on your organization’s culture, performance and results, as well as the people they work with, for better or for worse. The PXT Select helps you make the best possible hiring decisions and avoid the hiring mistakes that hurt the organization in so many wa

  • Pre-employment Assessment for Hourly Positions

    Hospitality Resources offers two pre-employment assessments for hourly employees.

    Our Step One Survey II® (SOSII) is a brief, pre-hire assessment that measures an individual’s basic work-related values. It is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process.
    This assessment provides valid insight into an applicant’s work ethic, reliability, integrity, propensity for substance abuse, and attitudes toward theft — including property, data, and time.

    The Customer Service Profile™ (CSP) measures applicants on trust, empathy, focus, tact, conformity, and flexibility as well as verbal and numerical skills.

    The CSP looks at what applicant’s believe is a high level of customer service, while at the same time showing where they align or misalign with your company’s perspective. We have a general industry version of this assessment, as well as versions for hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and retail.

  • Employee Surveys

    Does your organization’s culture encourage high performance or discourage it?

    Which of your managers are effective leaders and which are not?

    In today’s competitive business environment, where poor service is posted to the internet for all to see, organizations can’t afford a counter-productive culture or disengaged employees.

    Employee surveys are a powerful tool that allow you to measure your culture and leadership effectiveness and track your progress as you work to become more successful.

    If you wish to improve your organization’s performance, the starting point is to measure the factors that are important in influencing employee performance. Then you decide how to improve, and then you survey again to measure your progress.

    Hospitality Resources conducts surveys on-line, using paper, or as a blend of the two. We customize each survey to that client’s unique goals and needs. Our 20-year record of success is based on providing high levels of personal service and

  • HR Consulting for Improved Organizational Performance

    Does your HR Department have a strong positive impact on your organization's culture and performance?

    Dave Newton's combination of an extensive HR background (including 11 years at the VP level) and operational experience as a hotel general manager gives him exceptional insight into how HR can best support organizational goals.

    Dave was opening VPHR at the Venetian in Las Vegas and played an important role in establishing a culture there that included both exceptional guest service and an unmatched work environment. This involved leading a team that developed and implemented all HR and training practices at this very successful organization.

    HR should not just be about policies, files and forms. It should be about championing the values that will make your organization great and implementing the systems to attract and engage the best people.

    If you would like your HR department to play a more strategic role in supporting your organization's success, contact Dave.