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About Us

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Return on Change – ROC - that’s what OCAdvisors is all about. For over 15 years, OCAdvisors has been helping organizations maximize the people side of ROC so individuals, teams, and businesses can maximize their ROI. We offer customized assessment and advisory services for organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals. We’ll work with you to understand your business objectives, diagnose the people-related change opportunities that affect business performance, and create solutions that ignite ROC and ROI.


  • Individual Assessments

    Having the right people in the right jobs is truly powerful. PXT Select not only helps your find the right people, but also helps you shape the overall employee experience. PXT Select’s suite of reports helps you select, onboard, coach, and develop employees to reach their full potential.

  • Team and Organizational Assessments

    Getting teams and organizations to function harmoniously in pursuit of a common goal is hard work. Attempting to achieve harmony without a roadmap makes the effort even harder. Organizational Change Advisors, LLC has developed a suite of team and organizational assessments that pinpoint opportunities for change and accelerate return on change.