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What We Do
Improving the performance and productivity of employees has a direct and positive impact on business results. Optimus Performance delivers programs, tools and services that enable people to tap into their unlimited potential and work smarter. Our products and services are customized for each organization to address specific leadership, management and employee development needs and problems.
We provide training and development programs and coaching services in the areas of leadership, team development, customer service and sales. We train and coach leaders to develop the right style of leadership for the situation and person. We guide leaders to become coaches to their employees so that they develop their teams to be self-directed and responsible.
We train employees on teamwork and on practicing continuous improvement. This leads to self- empowered employees who take responsibility to solve their own problems and are highly engaged with their team and the organization.
Choosing the right person for the job is essential to ensure high performance and productive employees. This is also true when promoting someone to a new position, especially a management role. Our assessment tools assure that the right person is being hired for the job. They also provide in depth information about people, which makes coaching for performance more effective and easier.
It’s often been said that successful selling is 90% people skills and 10% product or service knowledge. Our sales training programs develop salespeople to understand different types of people and how to appeal to their buying tendencies throughout the selling cycle. We have them develop the communication skills that are essential to building trust with potential customers, while maintaining strong relationships with existing ones.

Our Mission
Optimus Performance is committed to delivering highly effective training, coaching & consulting solutions and tools that foster the development of responsible and successful people and organizations. Our mission is to work with leaders to create environments that inspire and motivate people and teams to produce outstanding results.

Our Commitment
Our primary objective is directed towards complete satisfaction of our clients through concrete and measurable results. What sets us apart from our competitors is our passion for and commitment to achieving our clients objectives.

Testimonials For Optimus Performance Inc.

  • “Using the Profile XT assessment tool has greatly improved the hiring of new employees and has made decision-making more precise. Turnover has decreased, and employee performance has improved significantly. We also used the tool to asses all our staff to better understand how to coach and manage them.”

    Tony Mancinone Director of Operations, Fonex Data Systems


  • Training Programs

    Our training and coaching programs improve the performance of leaders and employees and promote teamwork. We offer training and development programs aimed at sales, leadership & management, teamwork and customer service. We use an interactive approach to training and development that includes games and activities to engage people. Adult learning must utilize the knowledge and experience of the participants in the learning process.

  • Coaching Services

    EXECUTIVE AND MANAGEMENT COACHING programs that we provide can be used to address a variety of situations and needs. It can be short or long term depending on the problem or objective.

    Our Coaching Services can be used to :

    Solve performance issues with staff members
    Resolve conflicts
    Improve personal motivations
    Set and achieve goals
    Assist in managing change
    Plan career orientation
    Apply knowledge and skills from training programs
    Hire and select new employees
    Strategic planning
    Develop teamwork
    Improve team performance

  • PXT Select Assessment Tool

    Affordable, Easy & Fast.
    The PXT Select is a pre-employment testing tool that helps you select candidates and match them with the job for which they are best suited, based on their core behaviors.
    Combines over 20 years of research
    with powerful assessment technology

    Built on the legacy of the ProfileXT®, a flagship selection tool from Profiles International and now a Wiley brand, the PXT Select offers superior selection and employee-assessment solutions that fill the gap between the resume and interview