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Wayne Outlaw
Wayne Outlaw, CSO, CMC

At Xerox, Wayne Outlaw held the record for the quickest promotion to Branch Marketing Manager. As a Sales Manager, he took a last place (78th) sales team to first in just one month, with the same staff. Wayne developed the benchmark sales strategy used worldwide by Xerox to beat lower-priced competition.
Wayne was one of the first fifteen individuals to be certified both as a Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by the Institute of Management Consultants. Wayne has been acknowledged by The Wall Street Journal as a "staffing expert" and quoted in publications such as: Fast Company, Nations Business, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, and Investors Business Daily. He has published numerous articles on strategic staffing and sales in trade and business journals.

Wayne is the author of SMART STAFFING: How to Hire, Reward, and Keep Top Employees for Your Growing Company, which was also published in the People's Republic of China. He is also the author of, Winning the Value Battle: Selling Against a Cheaper Price to Increase Your Margins and Your Income. He has developed staffing and training systems for a variety of companies from entrepreneurial high growth organization to Fortune 500 companies, such as Canon, U.SA.



    Strategic Staffing System
    Hiring and Retaining employees are the top problems for most businesses. Our Strategic Staffing System incorporates an examination of needs, development of innovative solutions, and a plan to apply those solutions.
    Our Program:
    • Assists organizations in obtaining the necessary "human capital" to create the success of the organization
    • We analyze your current situation and find a way to apply the best strategies
    The Process:
    • It begins with an assessment of current hiring processes and retention to measure what works
    • The Assessment is then used as a foundation to build on to create a more effective staffing system.
    • Pre-employment assessment instruments (such as Integrity and Job Fit), In-depth reference checks, and support are also available


    Smart Staffing

    Learn innovative strategies from the author of the critically acclaimed
    SMART STAFFING: How to Hire, Reward and Keep Top Employees for Your Growing Company which has also been published in the People's Republic of China.

    Discover how to win the talent war and have a productive and loyal workforce.
    Ideal Audience:
    • Top Executives
    • Business Owners and Principals
    • Human Resource Executives
    • Managers Responsible for Hiring and Retaining Employees

    • Show ways to eliminate bad hires that not only drain productivity, but are also legal liabilities.
    • Demonstrate new, innovative and creative ways of solving staffing problems using today's tools and traditional methods.
    • Gain insight to make great hiring decisions, which result in hiring productive, positive employees.
    • Provide innovative strategies and techniques that will generate ample quantities of quality candidates, regardless of the labor market
    • Provide ways to identify top


    Sales Performance System
    Our Program addresses the need to expand sales to existing customers and to create new customers.

    • Increase revenue and profits to the maximum level
    • Create greatest improvement in the shortest time with the least resources
    • Vault past competition and improve competitive advantage
    • Builds the Management and Performance development skills for career advancement
    • Provides tools to develop the sales team
    • Shows how to get the most from salespeople and address issues
    • Creates an easy-to-use skill development system that makes them more effective
    • Builds the skill confidence and activity they need to improve
    • Integrates into daily activities so it is time efficient and require no additional effort
    The Process:
    • The FIRST STEP is to develop a clear understanding of current skills, activity levels, practices, approaches and management techniques through an assessment of the organization.
    • Next, a Benchmark of the


    Organizational Survey
    Employees have a wealth of information. If properly asked and anonymity guaranteed, they will not only identify both seen and unseen problems, but will also assist the company in developing solutions. Objective, confidential surveys done by outside organizations pinpoint the organization's strengths and weaknesses, clearly identify specific situations or problems, and most importantly, spot trends that will become problems if not addressed.

    Our Program:
    • Is used to pinpoint strengths and weakness to clearly identify situations and problems
    • Organizational Surveys pinpoint specific areas of need, allow the identification of ways to improve and, most importantly, measure progress in key result areas that produces great profits.
    The Process:
    • Customized Survey is created and given to selected employees or employee groups
    • Tabulation and analysis of survey results is performed
    • Clear observations are provided along with recommendations for improvement